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Tuesday, May 12, 2020

BARE Minimum Makeup for Video Calls

Makeup for Zoom Calls

Virtual meetings are becoming quite a constant in most of our lives right now. But it hasn't been easy for me to feel as "revved-up" for events that are happening on my desk, versus those that usually happen in the flesh. Makeup for video calls can feel like a drag, but I need to force myself to do SOMETHING or else I get the infamous, "Madeline, are you sick?" interrogation. It's not the first time, as noted here.

I'm loving some unexpected beauty bits right now which have been providing the prettiest boost in 2 minutes or less. Read on to see how my Guerlain Cheek Stain, Henné Lip Balm and Clarins Milky Boost have been giving me a gorg glow.

Quarantine Makeup Essentials

Makeup in Quarantine

Guerlain La Petite Robe Noire Lip & Cheek Tinted Gel

I love shopping at the department store beauty counters, so when I had my makeup done at Guerlain last year I had to buy their versatile Lip & Cheek Stain. The milky pink finish is unlike any other cheek stain I've tried, and the applicator makes it foolproof. I dot a small amount onto each cheek and blend out with my Quo skincare brush. I don't like using it on my lips, but I will sweep any excess over my eyelids, forehead, nose and chin for a bit of an all-over boost. I'll even use this on bare skin, it looks especially good after I've been wearing my Clarins Facial Self Tanner.

Guerlain Lip and Cheek Stain

NEW Milky Boost Healthy Glow Milk - Shade 02

Could Milky Boost Glow Milk have come out at a better time?! I am obsessed with the stunning coverage that this foundation gives in an instant. Recently reviewed in-depth here, I use the same Quo skincare brush as mentioned above to smooth on a light layer of this product right after my morning skincare. It layers perfectly under the creamy cheek stain. Match made in heaven.

What to wear for Zoom calls
My 2 minute makeup featuring Clearly Blue Light Reflect Glasses 

Henné Luxury Lip Tint - Azalea

My final touch before all calls is a swipe of Henné lip balm. First reviewed here, I didn't think much of it right out of the gate. But now, I'm in love. The light, moisturizing finish is organic and lasts very well. There's no moldy smell that a lot of other natural lip products start to develop. Much like the vibrant pink finish of my cheek stain, this shade shows up well on camera - much better than my standard peach shades, which provide a more natural finish in-person. The balm is available in four tints to suit every skin tone.

Not only do all three of these items feel fresh and rejuvenating to apply, they also give such a natural, long-wearing and youthful finish that shouldn't be overlooked. Each time I wear too heavy of a coverage on video call, you can tell something's off. Also your blemishes and eye bags aren't nearly as noticeable as you may think, especially on camera. Simply focus on a light wash of colour, and maybe some brow pencil and mascara if you want to take it up a notch. I opt for thick-rimmed glasses ;)

Another awesome tip for video calls? Wear LIGHT coloured clothing. Dark clothes will blow out the colour balance, which can make your skin look super bright and washed out. Avoid black, navy, dark red, opt for white, cream or grey.

Chat soon,

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