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Monday, November 4, 2019

QUO Fall 2019 New Releases | Review

QUO Fall 2019 New Releases

When I shop for beauty products, it's almost exclusively at Shoppers Drug Mart. Between their PC Optimum Points and access to both high and low-end brands, I always leave feeling satisfied. When thinking about my favourite brands for makeup brushes, low-end options like Real Techniques, EcoTools, ELF and Royal and Langnickle come to mind. That being said, a few of my absolute favourites are from a very old QUO set that I received for Christmas. QUO has always been an intriguing brand, and one that I've gone to for manicure tools and the occasional blush. I was fortunate enough to dive into their skincare, makeup, awesome new brushes at an event this past spring, all of which I've used in heavy rotation. Quo’s new brush collection is completely synthetic, cruelty-free, vegan friendly and responsibly made. The bristles are called “the new naturals” and will last a lifetime if cared for properly.

New Quo Makeup Brushes

There are 5 new QUO Brush Collections:

  • Artistry (I have 10 out of the 14) 
  • Classic Double-Ended
  • Skin
  • Trendy
  • Packaged Brush Sets

I also wanted to mention how I adore the "trendy" brushes - they all come in limited editions colours like bright red bristles, or pink handles. They have special sets out in-store for holidays now too. Also the cleansing brushes are so funky, definitely something straight out of a professional facialist’s arsenal. See more detailed photos in my friend Shawna's blog post here.

New Quo Brushes Review

Ultimate Powder #16 - $50 (Rating: 3/5)

Ultra-soft and applies powder evenly over the face. I don't love how the bristles are so long, it makes the brush feel too big/flexible and difficult to achieve targeted application.

Fluffy Winged Shadow #20 - $25 (Rating: 4.5/5)

Really easy to use, but quite big too - not as precise as I would go for on a daily basis. Good for all-over the lid application, and will fit into the crease, just not precisely.

Double Ended Lash & Brow #28 - $20 (Rating: 5/5)

An amazing spool and a very unique brow brush. The bristles are super dense and firm. This is hard to find in a typical brow shader brush, but something I really love for carving out hair-like strokes and digging deep into my existing hairs to create a natural look.

Liquid Multi-Tasker #15 - $43 (4.5/5)

Short, dense fibres help create the perfect base. I would use this for liquid foundation, any kind of contour product (liquid, cream, powder) or to blend out liquid colour on the cheeks/as highlight. The price is high, so not a full 5 stars for me because I find the bristles to be so dense and not the best for cream blush.

Contour Blush #18 - $35 (5/5)

My new favourite for powder blush. I can't believe this is synthetic! It delivers even colour pigment to the cheek, and works great for contouring. Well worth the price.

HD Foundation #14 - $40 (5/5)

This is like a mini version of my Marc Jacobs The Foundation II brush, which I adore. This one, with a less dense effect, creates a very natural Finish on the skin with precise placement. It is like a hybrid of a regular flat foundation brush and a fluffy blending brush. Just superb, and well worth it.

Crease Diffuser #24 - $25 (4/5) 

This is a great, densely-packed brush that smudges and diffuses colour well. I love using this for detail work with cream shadows, or applying colour into my inner corner. A bit pricy, but good.

Angled Lip #30 - $18 (5/5)

Yes. Yes. Yes. I've never seen an angled lip brush like this before! It's the perfect shape to line and define the lips, and it even works wonderfully to smudge eyeliner or to apply darker shadow over liner. Amazing and very useful.

Conceal & Buff #10 - $25 (5/5)

This brush also feels like a cousin of my Marc Jacobs Foundation brush, and it is truly unique and absolutely essential. The one-of-a-kind tapered dome shape matches that of a fingertip. The brush is perfect for liquid or cream concealer, and works for BOTH under the eyes, and to dot on spots. I've never experienced that before, and I adore paring it with my HD Foundation brush.

Flat Shader #22 - $25 (3.5/5)

This brush doesn't get as much use for me as a shadow brush, but more-so one for lip or concealer. It is a nice synthetic option for cream and glitter shadows especially.

See all of these brushes in use here:

Plastic Mesh Brush Guards

I was impressed with each and every one of the new QUO brushes I tried. There was not a single dud! I also love the display at my local Shoppers, which I featured in my Instagram post below. These brushes surely rival the Sephora brand, which I have purchased from before. They are a touch cheaper than Sephora brand overall, and come with the same plastic case - fabulous for protecting bristles during travel or storage.

Mini beauty blender drugstore dupe

The mini sponges have been a very welcomed addition into my routine. QUO sponges have historically been a wonderful Beauty Blender dupe, and these little ones don't disappoint. I use them for blending corrector, concealer and foundation under my eyes, and doing targeted contour, blush and highlight with creams. People also use sponges to tap in setting spray if it gets a little too intense and water droplet-y on the skin. They wash well, and perform great.

QUO makeup sponge

How awesome that QUO has all of these skincare and makeup accessories? I need to try that blotting paper dispenser.

Drugstore Face Oil Under Makeup

The QUO Primer Oil is also another impressive find. At only $20 it is a great dupe for the Smashbox Primer Oil, which is over $50 for the same amount.

Cucumber Face Wipe Quo Review

The Cucumber Makeup Wipes work well and remind me a lot of the Simple cleansing wipes with a fresh cucumber scent and the same wipe texture. They removed makeup and did as they claimed. They weren't exceptionally moist, so for that reason I'd probably stick with my Netrogena or Kirkland classic wipes.

Iridescent Pearlescent Gloss Review

The QUO Lip Boost Plumping Gloss $12 is a SERIOUS fave, look at that pearlescent glow in Angel Face! I used it as a final step in my Allanaramaa review embedded above, check it out. It's magical for topping over any old lipstick for an unbelievable glow and full lip look.

Highlighter Palette Drugstore Best

The Quo Highlighting Palette is stunning. For only $20, this is way cheaper than Revlon or NYX and the payoff is outstanding. I love using it as brightening eyeshadow too. See it in action in that same makeup tutorial linked above.

brow marker review drugstore microblading

Microblading in a pen?! I was skeptical. This Sri-Tip Microblading brow marker is definitely interesting. I got it in the grey shade, and it actually matches my taupe-y brows well. That being said, it took a very long time for the pigment to come out of the pen. As you can see in swatches, it had little to no pigment in the liquid at first. So now that I left the pen upside down for a few weeks, the pigment is coming out stronger and it works well! A nice long-lasting effect on the brows. But finicky.

Quo shoppers Drug Mart Makeup Review

I adore the Dewy Setting Mist, which is only $19 and comes out in a very fine spray. it rivals Urban Decay All Nighter for me. Their All-In-One Mascara is also unique - I have it in 11 brown. It has a generous 11g of product and doesn't flake. It has buildable coverage and is a true dark brown shade.

QUO also has a wonderful sanitizing brush cleanser which is great for makeup artists or anyone who needs a quick cleanse. This is not a substitute for your standard deep soapy clean, but it does have alcohol in it to sanitize. For brushes used with creamy or liquidy products, definitely opt for soap and water on a bi-weekly basis.

And that's a wrap! All of these items can be bought at Shoppers Drug Mart stores. Colour me impressed, I am so happy to see Quo becoming a staple in my routine.

Press samples featured.

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