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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Autumn Colours

Burnt orange and a rich navy blue are timeless colours which will always be appropriate in autumn. Before a family dinner back in October I paired these silky, slouchy neutral pieces with a touch of gold accessories to get into the fall mood.

burnt orange navy silk zara
Tank- LaFayette, Pants- Zara, Necklace-Della Mora Designs, Watch- DKNY, Flats- Aldo, Jacket- Old Navy, Clutch- Vintage 

HowTo Paint Nails With Inverted French Tips

French tips are a classic mark of femininity, giving nails a lengthened and crisp appearance. The typical pink and white can start to get boring, especially for a nail enthusiast like myself. I wanted to try something new and different while still maintaining the look of a contrasted tip. I came up with a light, minty green base with plum tips. Take note, this manicure requires a significant amount of time if you want a professional looking result.
What you will need:
-Base Coat
-Base Colour
-Tip Colour
-Tape - nail tape works best
-Top Coat
-Wooden manicure stick
-Nail Brush (optional, but helpful)
-Nail polish thinner (if you use a nail polish brush)
Read more below on how I got this DIY manicure. 
My completed nails featured on Instagram here

HowTo Fix Broken Compact Makeup

Your makeup bag falls off the counter, your elbow swipes a blush to the floor, or your clumsy hands just can't hang on to a face powder. Its ok, we've all been there. The heartbreaking feeling when you see a smashed compact is a nightmare and usually leaves makeup unsalvageable. In attempts to fix broken powders in the past, nothing seemed to have long lasting results. I decided to try again when my beloved mini chocolate soleil bronzer took a strong blow as I was packing up some makeup for a weekend away. What I missed out on doing in the past is actually "pressing" the powder back into the pan. It isn't called pressed powder for no reason! Although these 10 steps do take a considerable amount of time, if the product is pricy, new or has sentimental value, I would recommend giving this DIY fix a try. 
What you will need:
-A small bowl
-Rubbing alcohol- at least 70% concentration
-A clean toothbrush 
-A spooly brush (optional)
-A small spatula or spoon
Take a look at how I successfully managed to put my bronzing powder back into its compact, via the images linked below.
Step1: empty the dry powder into a small bowl and clean out the compact using warm water and a little bit of mild soap, if necessary. I used an old toothbrush (read: sanitized in the dishwasher) to scrub off the powder left in the hinge.

Step2: Crush up the larger chunks of product into a fine powder (I forgot this step, no big deal though) and add rubbing alcohol to create a paste. I like using a spray bottle since pouring the alcohol can sometimes add too much. Add only a small quantity so you do not overfill the compact in Step3. 


Ford FashionIESTA Event Presented By ELLE Canada

Earlier in the Fall I managed to attend the fabulous Fashioniesta event hosted by Ford and Elle Canada magazine. A night filled with fabulous food, fashion and prizes held at the über trendy Distillery District is sure to be a crowd pleaser. 
Pants- Gap, Belt- Gap, Shirt- Sfera, Blazer- H&M, Bag- market in Ventimiglia, Loafers- Nine West

Toronto Airshow

Back at the end of the summer I attended the Canadian International Airshow at the CNE in Toronto. It was an absolutely beautiful day and I managed to snap some cool shots of the planes.
The famous  Royal Canadian Air Force's Snowbirds


Nouveau Obsession: les videos d'Hermes

Lets face it. I have a lot of YouTube subscriptions. Nearing 100, if not more. Among all the "beauty gurus" and "vloggers" lies the beloved videos from "TheEllenShow" and other various company channels. I recently began watching the Hermès channel, and have not regretted one minute of it since my mouse's selection of "Subscribe". My most recent love affair has been with the series "Inside Hermès petit h" with episodes n°1 - n°5 in French with English subtitles. These videos take you into the world of Hermès as they build their new petit h shop on Rue de Sèvres in Paris. The items for sale are mainly children's toys and home wares, all revolving around their admirable recycling initiative, featured here. The new "re-creativity laboratory" is under the guidance of Mme Pascale Mussard, the great-great-great-granddaughter of famous Thierry Hermès. I am a huge advocate of proper recycling and incorporating scraps from old projects into new and innovative works. I cannot wait until my next trip to France which will surely include a stop into this wonderful little offspring of one of the world's most famous luxury brands. 

Watch the trailer here: 

Now remember, on ne jette rien. Ça peut toujours servir!


Visiting Ventimiglia, Italy

The sweet feeling of seeing a street sign guiding you to Italy. Ahh, life in Nice.


Wednesday, October 9, 2013

HowTo Clean Makeup Brushes

How often do you wash your makeup brushes? If your answer is less than often, I have a few scary facts to share. Brace yourself! 

Makeup build-up on brushes and sponges is bacteria heaven. Using a dirty makeup applicator can cause breakouts and eye infections. Introducing bacteria into a liquid product, or onto the surface of a powder product, can cause contamination. And better yet, With improper care, brush bristles can get damaged and fall out. 

Now, if you're wondering how to clean your brushes, read-on!

I would recommend washing your makeup applicators (brush, sponge, powder puff) Once every two weeks. More often with cream/liquid products, less often (still try for two weeks) with powder products. 

Use warm water and a mild soap to gently, yet thoroughly, wash the makeup out of the brush bristles. 
Leave brushes FLAT to dry, either on the edge of a counter or resting on a towel. Do not sit the brushes upwards when bristles are wet since water getting into the brush core will cause the glue to loosen and bristles  to escape.

Here's how I use a think slice of soap to wash brushes, one option being the Dr. Bronner's bar soaps.

Note: If your makeup products start to take on a funny smell, either give them a good clean or toss and replace. 

Watch my video below on my favourite method of cleaning my makeup brushes using this soap:

Dr. Bronner's Magic Soaps are available at almost all nutrition/vitamin stores and now at American Apparel, both in bar and liquid form.

Happy makeup-ing!


Saturday, September 28, 2013

Snapshots In Nice, France

The patisserie windows truly speak for themselves. The streets are lined with endless varieties of macarons, and the freshest, most mouthwatering fruit topped pastries you've ever witnessed. 
More pictures below..

Nouveau App!

I came across this wonderful (free) app yesterday and couldn't help but clicking "install" right away. As the weather gets cooler, I always turn to my silk scarves to add some much needed colour to my outfits. I display my collection on the back of my bedroom door, loosely knotted to a set of hooks:
J'ai trouvé cette merveilleuse application (gratuite) hier et j'ai immédiatement cliqué "install". Quand le temps se refroidit, j'utilise mes foulards de soie pour ajouter un peu de couleur à mes tenues. J'affiche ma collection sur la porte de ma chambre, attaché à crochets:

Silk scarves collected from various second hand stores, family members, vacations, etc.
It happens far too often that I simply forget to slip one of these pretty pieces off their rack to tie around my neck as I head out in the morning. After watching the short and sweet video below, I quickly began to pair scarves with various outfits and jackets. I would definitely recommend a watch, and for those apple users out there, take note of the simple yet sophisticated methods of "knotting" featured in the classy new app by Hermès.
J'oublie souvent de porter une de mes belles foulards quand je sorte au matin. Après avoir regardé cet petit video au dessous, j'ai commencé à assortir foulards avec des tenues. Je recommanderais de regarder, et pour les iGens (lol) noter les façons simples de "nouer" présenté dans cette nouvelle application par Hermès. 

Happy knotting!


Monday, September 23, 2013

Travelling to Monaco

The view from behind some trees of Port Hercule in Monaco.
Monaco is a (rather petit) country of opulent living. Every square foot is looked after, to ensure a perfect getaway for the world's top tier. 
Monaco est un pays (plutôt petit) de vie opulent. Chaque pied carré est maintenue propre, pour assurer une escapade idéale pour le Tout-Paris.


Sunday, September 8, 2013

Travelling To Menton and Èze

Situated near the boarder of France and Italy, Menton and Èze did not fail to impress. We had the most beautiful sunny weather, despite the chilly breeze.

Blazer- Club Monaco, Pants- Gap, Chambray- Forever 21, Sweater- H&M, Scarf- H&M, Shoes- American Apparel, Bag- Coach
 Even though it was technically winter in France, the greenery was strikingly beautiful. From blossoming fruits and flowers to cacti and succulents, every corner is sprinkled with a bit of greenery.


Castle Hill In Nice, France

The beach view from Castle Hill, Nice
 The pictures captured on and around Castle Hill have found their place as my desktop background ever since I returned home from France. The sunshine made for stunning shots, while the cold air left the beach and streets uncrowded.
Les photos que j'ai prises autour de Castle Hill ont été mon background depuis que je suis rentré chez moi. Le soleil a aidé à crée des images éblouissant, tandis que l'air froid a laissé la plage et les rues pas bondé.


Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Travelling To Nice, France

How beautiful life is in the French Riviera..
La vie est si belle dans la Côte d'Azur..
Salade Niçoise, and moules-frites at a local restaurant. The most vibrant fresh flowers and fruits decorated our table.
And exuberantly delicious!
Et délicieuse !


Saturday, August 31, 2013

Review: Revlon Nail Art 3D Jewel Appliques In Bow-Quet

Nail polish strips are an interesting concept and have been all the rage this past year. Some of the most popular styles are by Sally hansen, which come sealed and apply thinner than the leading brands. The Sally Hansen finish is most similar to real nail polish as opposed to a sticker appearance on top of the nail.


Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Review: Lipstick And Eye Shadow From Revlon Selects

Here is a quick review of two Revlon products I've enjoyed in the past little while. The shades are very cold-weather appropriate and can create both dramatic, and more neutral looks.

Revlon ColorStay lipstick swatch in Backstage 
This deep burgundy lipstick claims to stay all day with a suede finish- not matte, not shiny.


Sunday, May 5, 2013

The Old Mill Inn

With the warm summer weather quickly approaching, I decided to post a flashback to the so-called "most wonderful time of the year"...
The warmth that classic Christmas decor can bring to a space is exquisitely presented in the dining rooms.

Just around Christmas, we celebrated with a big family dinner at The Old Mill in Toronto...

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