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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Review: Revlon Nail Art 3D Jewel Appliques In Bow-Quet

Nail polish strips are an interesting concept and have been all the rage this past year. Some of the most popular styles are by Sally hansen, which come sealed and apply thinner than the leading brands. The Sally Hansen finish is most similar to real nail polish as opposed to a sticker appearance on top of the nail.

The Revlon Nail Art 3D Jewel Appliques are thicker stickers which require a similar method of application to most other polish strips. Overall I was happy with the end result, although it did take a bit of effort in the process. The package comes with 18 strips to satisfy almost every nail size. I would have preferred an extra two to achieve two full manicures though! Nevertheless, the detail was impressive and looked quite chic on the nails. My only complaint with all nail polish strips is the final "rough around the edges" feeling which is almost impossible to avoid. I have tried many variations with topcoats and different types of filing, but nothing seems to get the strips to lay completely flat and snag free with continued use. This is a minor problem since the strips do tend to stay on for a reasonable amount of time, ranging from 5-10 days. Keep in mind that some strips do require additional trimming to fit comfortably on some nail shapes. I would like to find a way to seal on the strips since most topcoats cause the strips to crinkle and pull away from the edges. Watch my review and demo here!

 I thoroughly enjoyed this mess free nail art application technique and do see myself purchasing more nail polish strips in the future. I would recommend leaving yourself time when applying nail strips for the first time since it can be quite tricky to get them all straight and filed down properly. To remove, just lift up one of the corners and pull the strip off the nail. Any residual glue can be rubbed off or removed with nail polish remover. Hope this was helpful and happy stripping! ...For your nails, that is.


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