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Tuesday, November 30, 2021


🛍#OOAK21 is back baby!🎉 On NOW until December 5, 2021 Buy tickets here. 

Sunday, November 21, 2021


Differin: Retinol Options: Avon Moisture Therapy Moisturizer (USA): Avon Moisture Therapy Moisturizer CAD: Avon Roll-On Deodorant USA: Avon Roll-On Deodorant CAD: Flexitol Very Dry Skin Cream: Flexitol Lip Balm: FOLLOW ON SOCIAL ⤵︎ ↠Instagram - ↠TikTok: ↠Twitter - ↠Pinterest - ↠Facebook - ↠Check out my blog at ↠Shop my Avon page: ↠Earn Cashback with RAKUTEN: #Beauty #Review #Toronto #Ontario #Skincare #Blogger #Skincare #SensitiveSkin

Friday, November 19, 2021

HOW-TO: Revive an Old, Dried out Mascara using Contact Solution! | Classically Contemporary

Revive a dried out mascara with some contact solution! 

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Thursday, November 11, 2021

CROSS BORDER PICKUPS REVIEW | Target Shipping to Canada, How-To, Overall Cost, Taxes etc.

Cross-Border Pickups Rates: How to LINK packages if your order comes in separate boxes: Other company mentioned that works on subscription method, they will handle your returns too: BREAKDOWN OF MY TARGET ORDER: TARGET Subtotal (24 items) $87.82 USD Tax $6.26 (7%) USD Total $94.08 USD Converted to 123.08 CAD + 45.56 CAD CROSS BORDER FEES... CBP FEE BREAKDOWN: — $14 CAD additional tax (~12%) — $19 CAD package fees (3 packages: 2 regular $7 and 1 light) Order/service fee = $10 + tax (If you do multiple store orders but one pickup, there would only be one service fee charged) $168.64 CAD total They hold for 30 days free, then charge per day.

Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Heat Holders Canada Review | The Warmest Socks, Hats & Gloves for Cold Winters

Heat Holders Socks Review

The evenings are getting darker, leaves have fallen, and cold-weather is right around the corner. Having been perpetually cold most winters of my life, I finally know exactly how to dress in order to be toasty warm - even on the coldest days. Much of this is thanks to the brand Heat Holders, which I first discovered last year. Each piece from this brand is made with their patented HeatWeaver technology. The lush lining traps warmth into its long loop pile, and creates insulation that never fails. The best part is that these items aren't bulky, and are actually quite fashionable! Read on to see mine and Joseph's favourite items that we can't wait to use during ski season.

Tuesday, November 9, 2021

How To Start a Blog, Become a YouTuber, or Influencer | Classically Contemporary x Classy on the Run

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1. Define your niche: laser focus in on a topic people always ask for your help or opinion on 

2. Learn which platform is the best right now and one that you’re confident making content on, focus on that 1-2 platforms so it isn’t overwhelming Invest in your space, equipment, materials and content tools to ensure high-quality content 

3. Test, adjust, try to understand what length and style of content performs best 

4. Once you start creating, be wary of spam emails trying to get you to pay for things, add do-follow links, plug their product or service without payment or compensation (you owe people NOTHING!) 

5. Want free products? Show the brand you love them already! Create 2-3 posts using your favourite items from the brand, then send them either an email or direct message sharing your work. Ask if they could add you to their media list for future product releases and sampling opportunities in exchange for content features!
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