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Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Heat Holders Canada Review | The Warmest Socks, Hats & Gloves for Cold Winters

Heat Holders Socks Review

The evenings are getting darker, leaves have fallen, and cold-weather is right around the corner. Having been perpetually cold most winters of my life, I finally know exactly how to dress in order to be toasty warm - even on the coldest days. Much of this is thanks to the brand Heat Holders, which I first discovered last year. Each piece from this brand is made with their patented HeatWeaver technology. The lush lining traps warmth into its long loop pile, and creates insulation that never fails. The best part is that these items aren't bulky, and are actually quite fashionable! Read on to see mine and Joseph's favourite items that we can't wait to use during ski season.

Heat Holders Canada Review


Men's Twist ULTRA LITE™ Socks $9.99

These are both incredibly warm (3x warmer than regular socks!) but do not add excess bulk. They are beyond soft and cozy, extremely comfortable. Can't wait to wear these with leather boots on cold days. 

Heat Holders Canada Socks

I also wanted to mention the Women's Primrose Twist Crew Socks which are more expensive at $15.99 but pack a SERIOUS punch of additional warmth. I wore these for a tobogganing outing last year, and was the only one who had warm cozy feet by the end of it. Success! 


Men's Halden Hat $24.99 

These toques are totally different than your typical knitted beanie. Made with high performance thermal yarn, the prize-winning quality is the HeatWeaver insulation lining. It maximize the amount of warm air held close to your body, and can even be machine washed! We always wear these for après-ski (mine is photographed at the end of the post).

I am *obsessed* with wearing these cute gloves! They're both sweet and fuzzy, while also being totally functional. The touch-screen fingertips and grippy palms make these ideal driving companions and good for using your device on the coldest days. I wore my High Performance gloves a lot last year, from skating to skiing (on warmer days) and everything in between, you truly need a heavy duty pair of gloves in Canada - these ones fit the bill at $30.

Heat Holders Gloves for Cold Winter

Heat Holders Touch Gloves Phone

Fall walks are made much cozier with our favs from Heat Holders Canada!

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Heat Holders Review

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