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Saturday, June 30, 2012

New York City

Just last week I went on a short 4-day trip to New York with my sister Lauren. It was such a memorable weekend, jam-packed with lots of shopping and sightseeing. We stayed in the beautiful Morgans Hotel which definitely felt like home, even after the first night.

The view from the penthouse of our hotel, Morgans New York


Made in Toronto!?

Made in Toronto is definitely something you don't hear every day. But hey, Roots knows what's good.

I initially came across this bag:

Marc by Marc Jacobs Too Hot to Handle Satchel

and completely fell head over heels...


I was crushed. Heartbroken by the near $400 price tag, with shipping, close to $500, for this dreamy bag. I knew at that point that it was up to me to begin the hunt for my "perfect black leather satchel" with:
-no excessive hardware, buckles, sparkles, gems, logos, prints, feathers, other tacky non-classy fixings.

Unless I honestly could not find anything else and this little baby happened to cross my shopping path in NYC, I might have to surrender the cash for such a timeless investment piece.

Now, about one month later, here I am browsing the Roots website for their new arrivals. I type "satchel" into the search bar, and this appears:

 Roots Selina Satchel

I couldn't believe my eyes. Even though it had a more rounded frame (the design quickly growing on me) and gold hardware, the "made in Toronto" label and pink satin interior completely won me over. It was on sale, and came to a much more affordable price.

Roots bag are truly timeless and are hand crafted to perfection. Seeing as how nearly every piece found in stores today is made offshore in Asia or South America, finding a home-grown (Italian leather) investment piece really does mean something to me. I toted this fantastic piece around New York with me and it doesn't cease to make me smile and feel proud whenever someone asks, "where did you find that bag?!".


Friday, June 29, 2012

Grecian Inspired Look in H&M

If you haven't already noticed, there could potentially be at least one piece from H&M in each of my looks. It just so happens that today, I am COMPLETELY covered in Hennes & Mauritz!
... didn't know it stood for that, eh?
The spring pieces at H&M won me over at first glance. I wore this outfit to dinner with  my mom and sisters at a great restaurant called Spice Route on King St. in Toronto.
Shirt, Shoes, Skirt - H&M
Bag- Vintage

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