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Friday, March 27, 2015

3 No-Heat Lob Hair Styles

Natural loose waves are the first trend listed for Spring 2015 on (read the article here) and I couldn't be more excited. I've been sporting the now popular #lob (long bob) style for a few years now, and I have finally mastered my favourite no-heat, sleep-in styles.

I wash my hair daily with the Kiss My Face Whenever Shampoo. This gentle and natural product is made with green tea, lime and moisturizing Argan oil. I usually skip conditioner, but The Body Shop Banana Conditioner is my go-to if I have extra tangles. I always comb my hair in the shower with a Body Shop comb, featured in my "what's in my shower" post that you can see linked here.

After showering, which usually happens at nighttime, I immediately throw my hair into a micro fibre hair wrap ($3 from Dollarama) and wait about 5-10 minutes before I remove it. This fabric allows more water evaporate, compared to a regular cotton towel which keeps hair damp. 

Check out the video linked at the end of this post for more information and product recommendations.

1. Natural Waves

  • Don't brush after removing the towel unless you're going for a straight look. Loosen up your natural waves with your fingers, which you can see in the photo above
  • Massage the cream throughout the hair from the ends up to the roots. This product provides flexible hold with a matte and tousled effect, which doesn't get greasy as fast
  • Let your hair air dry or run a blow drier through the natural waves on a low setting

2. Beachy Waves

  • Remove your towel and brush the hair through to ensure that your braids are even
  •  Brush the product through then part your hair down the centre of your head using a pick
  • French braid from roots to tips, tying the elastic at least one inch from the bottom - you don't want kinky bits at the ends!
For longer hair, check out this video from Cute Girls Hairstyles:

3. Foam Roller Curls

  • Brush your hair through after removing your towel and apply product if you wish. I usually don't since my curls hold perfectly for the entire day with only a bit of hair spray
  • Twist sections of hair then wrap them around foam rollers from the dollar store. Clip the rollers in place, and be sure to get your twists up at the top of your head for added volume
  • I love sleeping in foam rollers since they are quite flexible and cushiony

Here's a link to my most popular post to date where I show how to use a smaller size of foam rollers for tight curls:

And finally, check out my video tutorial for some more tips on how to achieve these perfectly tousled sleep-in hair styles.

Happy hair styling!



  1. These are all gorgeous! My hair's in a lob and I've been thinking I need to try leaving it in a braid overnight, so I'm glad to see it worked out well for you.

    1. Hi Emily! Thanks so much, I hope these routines work well for you. I'm addicted to foam rollers right now, they give the best tousled curls overnight. Take care X


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