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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Travelling To Nice, France

How beautiful life is in the French Riviera..
La vie est si belle dans la Côte d'Azur..
Salade Niçoise, and moules-frites at a local restaurant. The most vibrant fresh flowers and fruits decorated our table.
And exuberantly delicious!
Et délicieuse !

My family and I stayed at the Villa Victoria Hotel in Nice, France this past February. Needless to say, I fell in love. The elegance and beauty in the south of france is inexplicable and evident at every corner. 
Nous sommes restés à l'hôtel Villa Victoria à Nice le février dernier. Bref, je suis tombée amoureuse. L'élégance et la beauté au sud de la France est inexplicable et évident à chaque coin de rue. 

Exhibit A: Cinema on our street. With casual palm trees out front, one would pass by thinking someone threw a theatre into the living room of their apartment. I love how even the largest attractions can camouflage seamlessly into the true aesthetic of Nice.
Example A: Le cinema dans notre rue. Avec les palmiers à l'avant, on peut penser que quelqu'un a mis un théâtre dedans leur appartement. J'aime la façon dont les grands attractions peuvent camoufler avec l'esthétique de Nice.
Carnaval de Roi de la gastronomie en Nice
We happened to be in Nice during their annual carnival, which included an extremely elaborate nighttime parade. The theme "Roi de la gastronomie" seemed to be highlighting cuisine, since gastronomy is the study of food and culture. Every culture was represented in their own float, each being precisely detailed. The American float (bottom left of image quad above) was probably the most degrading of the bunch. It displayed an overweight, nearly naked, female statue of liberty, with ice cream  cones as the crown, holding a scale in one arm, a coke bottle as the torch, standing on a burger and wearing american flag panties. The float also included a few Marilyn Monroe's and Abraham Lincoln's alongside a few Indigenous people who were presumably smoking marijuana and drinking... Oh my.
Je pense que les français n'aime pas les américains...

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