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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Snapshots In Nice, France

The patisserie windows truly speak for themselves. The streets are lined with endless varieties of macarons, and the freshest, most mouthwatering fruit topped pastries you've ever witnessed. 
More pictures below..
Margharita pizza, cuisse de granouille and french onion soup. This, is comfort food in France.
Even the buildings are fashionable. Painted in striking pastel hues, no corner remains dull in Nice.
The classiest cats, looking as if they are just meant to be sitting right there.
The most perfect pink bell tower just down the street from our hotel.
Oh how I drooled over the window display in the most exquisite second-hand store.
A wonderful idea for a light fixture, using old bottles (seen in a local restaurant).
There is no better combination than snackpack nutella with fresh strawberries.
Cutest dony's ever? Oui.

If there is one place which should be added to your bucket list, Nice would be it! 


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