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Saturday, October 26, 2019

Juice Beauty Review | Green and Organic Skincare

Juice Beauty Exfoliator Review

I love when good brands also happened to be organic, and earth conscious. That’s just the case with Juice Beauty, one of the very first green beauty brands I started to use back in 2010. Founded in 2005 by a California-based mom, the brand focuses on powerful science-backed organic ingredients that make a big impact on the health and appearance of your skin. And it really works.

I first started to use their GREEN APPLE® Peel in 2010 when I bought it at Honey Fig in North York. I’ve been following the brand ever since, and have wanted to try their colour cosmetics for a very long time. I haven't bit the bullet, because they do have a pretty high price tag ($30-$60 ea) but I am absolutely tempted now that I know how much I love their extended range of skin care. Here's how I've faired with the scrub, peel and serum from this intriguing farm-to-beauty, cruelty free line.

Juice Beauty Review

What are the different types of exfoliators from Juice Beauty?

  • Chemical: Delayed gratification, AHA and BHA acids eat away at either skin cells (AHA) or oils (BHA) to smooth, clear and renew the surface of the skin. No manual work required, and results begin to appear after 5-10 hours. The Green Apple Peel includes natural AHA found in apples to gently yet effectively reduce dark spots, wrinkles, breakouts, etc.
  • Manual: Traditional "scrubs" that provide instant gratification by physically removing the dead skin, hardened oil and dirt on the surface of the skin. Once you rinse it off, the work is done and instantly apparent - like this Micro-Exfoliant.
  • Dissolving Peels: Another instant gratification plant-derived exfoliant that resurfaces skin within seconds on contact, to visibly loosen and lift away old skin cells. One of my favourites, this is where chemical meets manual exfoliation to give you some pretty dramatic results with no chance of physical scrubbing damage. 

After falling in love with a sample of Juice Beauty's new spray exfoliator, my amazing friend Shawna gifted me with their scrub and serum. Not only are the packages sleek and very easy to use, the juice inside is pretty freaking fantastic. No pun intended. 

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This liquid exfoliants is something I adore using even in the morning, especially after a retinol treatment at night - which can sometimes leave me with flakes or residue in the AM. This type of exfoliator is so easy to use: spray it on the face or hands (cover your eyes!) and massage thoroughly to start lifting balls of dead skin and dirt off the face. Some Japanese, K Beauty and mainstream brands (The Body Shop) have similar peeling exfoliants but in gel format - Juice Beauty is the top one I've tried. It also provides such a smooth surface for applying makeup, and optimizes skin for absorption of serums.



I still love a good gritty exfoliate in the morning on occasion too, which is something that I never would’ve thought to do before. Especially in the winter, my combination skin can get quite flaky, so frequent micro-exfoliations make a big difference. Made with certified organic ingredients, clay, and micro-particles of grape seed and jojoba gently resurfaces, smoothes and softens. The texture is perfect, and it never leaves me red or irritated. Favourite time to use it: Saturday morning, to give my skin a breath of fresh air after a long week.


This serum is quite good, but mine seems to be separating a bit – that’s the downside with natural products, they don’t really stay stable for as long as conventionally preserved products. That being said, the hidden pump mechanism is so fun and works well for travelling. Targeted towards those 40+, this luxuriously lightweight micro-serum formulated with certified organic ingredients and firming peptides is designed to restore the appearance of firmness and skin elasticity. It absorbs quickly, and definitely makes the skin appear tighter and more toned with continued use.

Juice Beauty Canada Review PR

The Juice Beauty range is so wonderful, because they offer both calming and plumping serums/moisturizers, along with high-potency masks and exfoliating treatments. That's very hard to find in a green beauty brand, so this is one that I'll be keeping around for sure. If you're pregnant or trying to be, check out their Green Apple Peel for Pregnancy - fabulous for tackling hormonal breakouts.

Liquid exfoliant received as press sample.

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