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Monday, March 25, 2019

Desk Essentials | Clearly Blue Light Glasses

Desk Essentials

Between working a 9-5 desk job and blogging in my spare time, I'm sitting in front of a screen a lot. I don't mind it though, since it comes with the territory and I've learned some good tricks on how to keep myself motivated and work efficiently. What I do notice, especially when I'm tired, is the discomfort of eye strain when I'm staring at blaring blue light devices for 12hrs+ a day. I now swear by my BlueReflect Digital Protection Lenses in a pair of black Main+Central Friday frames from Along with these fab frames, I have a few beauty and lifestyle favourites to share that I keep both at home and at the office to help me stay fresh all day.

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Clearly BlueReflect Digital Protection Lenses

Clearly Main and Central
Clearly BlueReflect Digital Protection Lenses

I find the reflective nature of these lenses to be really subtle. Occasionally I'll notice funny reflections on the inner side of the lenses, or a noticeable yellow tint in photos. Otherwise, these lenses are totally wearable day-to-day, and will definitely help reduce eye strain and discomfort while you work (or game!).

 Clearly BlueReflect Digital Protection Lenses

Even when I'm looking at a TV screen, I suffer from dry eyes to the point that my corneas feel like pure sandpaper. The yellow reflective tint of these lenses sort of act as sunglasses towards the blue light that comes off of a screen, which also prevents squinting - just like if you were in the sun!

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If you're looking for a way to minimize the discomfort associated with excess screen use, grab a pair of these glasses from Clearly, The quality of these lenses will be far better than those you might find on Amazon. You also don't need a prescription to get BlueReflect lenses, and remember that you can claim them on your health benefits!

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  1. I defs need to get some blue light glasses! It seems like they help so much!

  2. Hi Lauren! Agreed, they’ve made such a difference in my daily routine. Let me know if you get a pair from Clearly, tag me on social!! Xoxox


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