Thursday, June 17, 2021

Comparing Four Glossy Pink Lip Balms that Change Colour with your Skin's pH

Glossy Pink Lip Balm

Remember Smashbox O Gloss when it totally owned the pink pH adjusting lip balm category? I was never crazy about that wet gloss look, but I've recently really warmed up (ha) to the idea of these shade-adjusting balms to give a pop of pink for my Zoom meetings. I featured the Henné Azalea Balm in my quarantine "work from home" makeup essentials post last year, and these are totally along that same vein with the pretty pink glow. Check out the swatches below!
Glossy Pink Lip Balms

L to R:

These balms are all really pretty, but I do have to say that the Diors are the best. The Too Faced Peach Bloom is gorgeous, but the lasting power just isn't there. The formula is super thin and the peach flavour is too strong for me. It's super cute, but also doesn't give the same moisturizing finish as Dior. Same as Winky Lux, the colour is gorgeous but there are some downsides: don't love the glitter finish that hangs around afterwards, as well as the less-than-moisturizing finish. The Dior Lip Glow does leave your lips looking and feeling better after application than they did before. Oh, she's good.


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