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Friday, November 22, 2019

QUO 2019 Holiday Collection Review

QUO 2019 Holiday Collection Review

Fa la la la omg I love shopping for makeeeuuuupppp....

I think the best part about QUO is that it is extremely accessible. There's practically a Shoppers on every corner, and I've seen these goodies stocked and ready for the pickin'. The 2019 QUO Holiday Collection is immense, at 40+ pieces you're bound to find something to please any beauty lover in your life. Read on to see swatches of all of the items I received.

Watch my Instagram TV first impressions here:

Quo Winter Rescue Set

Winter Rescue Set (face gloss, lip balm, face serum) $30

Ensemble SOS Hiver (brillant visage, baume à lèvres, sérum visage) 30 $

This set truly blew me away. The face gloss is like a thin lip gloss, but more oily and fantastic for adding natural sheen to the skin. Dab some onto the high points of your face, across the eyelids, brow bones, cheekbones, cupids bow, etc. It's a little makeup artist secret to apply gloss to the skin, so now you can get that look easily! The serum and lip balm have that same pearlescent sheen, and truly look gorgeous on their own or as a base. See them in action here:

QUO Face Stick Trio

Face Stick Trio, $25

Trio de Bâtons pour le Visage, 25 $

An amazing find for teens or anyone who wants quick, light and easy makeup on the go, this face stick trio includes a highlight, blush and contour stick at a very affordable price. Especially in the winter months, my skin looks so much fresher with cream products on - so you bet I'll be incorporating these into my morning routine - and when I'm on vacay in Dominican!

Quo Ohh La La Eye Shadow Palette

Quo Eye Shadow Palette Swatches

Ohh La La Eye Shadow Palette, $25

Palette pour les Yeux Ohh La La, 25 $

This is amazing you guys. the pigmentation is fantastic, I love the pan size and the overall packaging is sleek and minimal. I used this in a tutorial coming up this week, and I can't wait to continue using it for the holiday season. I honestly gasped while swatching, the glitters are outstanding.

Glow Getter Illuminating Drops Set

Glow Getter Illuminating Drops Set, $25

Ensemble de Gouttes Illuminatrices Coup D'éclat, 25 $

These are a great, multi-functional item. Glow Getter Illuminating Drops add a natural glow when mixed in to your foundation, or applied as a primer under makeup. They could also be used as a highlighter after applying your base makeup, or as a “top coat” to eyelids, cheekbones, etc. Look at those shades too. I haven't used these much but I definitely will in some upcoming videos.

Quo Cosmetic Crackers

Cosmetic Crackers in Rose and Gold, $15/set

Diablotins de Cosmétiques en Rose et Or, 15 $/ensemble

Everyone loves Christmas Crackers, so why not fill them with lip gloss? I snuck into each one to see the shades, and these are laid out from #1-6 from bottom to top. Great neutral shades, and a thick formula that feels quite luxe. Sticky, but not uncomfortable. They are plumping and moisturizing.

Pucker Up Lip Gloss Set

Pucker Up Lip Gloss Set, $20

Ensemble de Brillants à Lèvres Moue Pulpeuse, 20 $ 

This set was super impressive in terms of pigmentation. I don't love the vanilla scent, but the texture is great and the shimmers are so wearable. A great, affordable gift that packs a great punch!

Pinch Beauty On The Go

Beauty On The Go, $20

Toujours en Beauté, 20 $

I’m the queen of having little trinket bags tucked away in my purse and luggage, so this was SUCH an exciting gift. Reminiscent of the Pinch Provisions Beauty Kits, I adore sets like this to gift to my girlfriends or to pack in my suitcase. I've already used this a ton and this would make for the ideal Secret Santa gift for a friend or colleague.

Gel Eye Mask with holes

Gel Eye Mask, $12

Masque de Gel pour les Yeux, 12 $ 

Not only is this cute, but it's super functional too! I have a different eye mask from my Fab Fit Fun Box but it's covered in fabric and doesn't have eye holes. This one will be amazing for early morning de-puffing, or to put on before doing my makeup for an event.

Glow Beyond Skincare Brush Collection

Glow Beyond Skincare Brush Collection, $35

Au-delà de L’éclat Collection de Pinceaux pour les Soins de la Peau, 35 $ 

Skincare brushes are totally new to me, and a definite "luxury" - not exactly a necessity. That being said, I am so excited to try these out more and incorporate them into my daily routine. The silicone mask brush is fantastic and I'm still getting the hang of the other 3. Note that they are not compatible with colour cosmetics/makeup.

Festive Sponges, $8 each

Éponges de Fête, 8 $ chacun

QUO sponges are touted to be comparable to Real Techniques and a great alternative to the Beauty Blender, so why not grab an adorably shaped one while you're doing your drugstore run? This green Christmas tree crystal-shaped sponge worked great during a recent makeup routine, I like the skinny tip for detail work.

Things I'd love to try from the line...

Mega Matte Lip Trio, $22
Trio pour les Lèvres Méga Mat, 22 $

Multi-Chrome Eye Trio, $22
Trio D’oeil Multi-Chrome, 22 $

Heart of Gold Rose Quartz Facial Roller, $20
Cœur d’or Rouleau à Visage en Quartz Rose, 20 $

Shine Bright Like a Diamond Blender with Stand, $12
Mon Beau Diamant Éponge de Précision avec Support, 12 $

Matte Lip Crayon Set, $20
Ensemble de Crayons à Lèvres Mats, 20 $

QUO 2019 Holiday Collection Review and Swatches

Happy shopping! 


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