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Monday, November 11, 2019

My Experience With SlimWave | Muscle Toning Without Working Out

SlimWave is a body sculpting, non-surgical treatment that uses EMS (electro muscle stimulation) technology to target and tone your muscles. The 45-minute treatments create firmness and strength by stimulating the body's natural fat burning and toning process - without having to haul your a** to the gym.

With SlimWave you can also target several areas at the same time. This stimulation from the electrical currents also increases circulation to the skin, which will improve texture, tone and reduce cellulite (waa hoo!). The interesting part of SlimWave is that it works 100% of your muscle fibres, while exercise alone only works around 60% of muscle fibres. It is exercise for those who aren't able to do the work, or a fabulous way to tone up the most stubborn areas of the body (hi, lower abs and inner thighs). Especially in the winter or during busy times of the year, it’s great to have the option to keep your muscles activated through a low-impact, high-intensity treatment like SlimWave. 

SlimWave at the Lash Pro Studio

This week I visited Maria, a SlimWave specialist at The Lash Pro Studio & Store located at 213-2323 Bloor St W in Toronto. To prep for the treatment, simply bring an extra pair of underwear as you'll sweat a lot, drink some water before, and don't eat for at least an hour before - if not two hours.

Maria was so knowledgeable, kind and calming. She showed me many before and after photos from clients of hers, and the results were remarkable. The studio is super clean and inviting. 

Maria informed me that EMS was actually developed by NASA to help avoid muscular dystrophy while up in space. It is now a very popular treatment for athletes and fitness professionals to strengthen muscles. I chose the toning treatment, since I don’t have a lot of excess fat. If you’re thinking that this sounds like CoolSculpting, note that is is very different. 

Is it like CoolSculpting?

No. An important differentiation when considering fat reduction treatments is that SlimWave stimulates the body's natural toning and fat burning process by working out your muscles. CoolSculpting simply freezes fat, which then must exit the body through natural waste removal. This could cause some negative side effects, like an elevated temperature or an uneven/lumpy appearance to the skin's surface over time - and it doesn’t target your muscles like SlimWave does.

SlimWave Lash Pro Studio Canada Toronto

Maria set up the pulsating pads on my upper thighs and midsection. She uses ultrasound gel to move them around.

My favourite part had to be the infrared blanket. This warm cocoon (or the crepe, as Maria calls it) warms up the muscles, increase lymphatic drainage, and is said to help the body flush out heavy metals. Infrared radiation can penetrate up to 1.5 inches below the skin and generate therapeutic effects on the human body. It’s a great detoxifying tool overall and can help boost your immune system - great for this time of year.

What does EMS feel like?

The EMS sensation feels like a subtle vibration at first. Then it'll progress to pins and needles- but not painful. Once Maria turns up the stimulation to begin contracting the muscles, it can get a bit uncomfortable. That passes quickly though. My thighs and ab area were clearly moving and being "worked out" as she continued to increase the intensity throughout the 40 minute treatment. My body was also sweating- mostly in the targeted areas. I kept my arms out of the infrared blanket to help with temperature regulation. Overall, the experience was pleasant and exciting!

How did you feel afterwards?

I felt completely fine afterwards, and my muscles truly felt stronger. I was instructed to drink a lot of water, and to continue staying active throughout the week. One of the noticeable side effects is that you’ll likely be able to go harder at the gym a day or two afterwards ;) honestly, I’m all for a little kickstart when it comes to exercising. To see noticeable results, it is recommended to visit Maria for a series of 40 minute treatments. You should go for SlimWave treatments 2-3 times a week, and for 10 sessions - or as long as it takes for you to reach your desired look. Each person will react differently, so it’s important to consult with a specialist like Maria to gauge how many treatments you will need. Each treatment cost $150, and package deals are available.

Why did you try SlimWave?

I wanted to try SlimWave because I sit at a desk for most hours of my day and know that advancements in beauty-technology are through the roof. It’s fabulous to know that this technology has been around since the 70s and almost everyone can have this treatment performed on them without a concern.

This surely isn’t a substitute for ever exercising again, but it’s a great way to target tougher areas to exercise like the lower abs, and areas with cellulite. I think SlimWave is the ideal topper to an active lifestyle, to help chisel out muscle definition faster. Follow the brand @slimwavetechnologies to see more!

Treatment received for press purposes.

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