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My Favourite Undies for Day and Night | WonderBra Review

WonderBra Review

When it comes to undergarments, sometimes it's worth going back to basics and shopping from brands that have stood the test of time. Although WonderBra has traditionally made me think of my grandmother, I now know what all the hype is about ;)

Here are a few of my favourite pieces from Wonderbra, both for daytime and special occasions!


WonderBra Europe Refined Glamour Triangle Push-Up Bra

WonderBra Europe Refined Glamour Triangle Push-Up Bra $64

This bra is exquisite. Just like the matching underwear, the lace is high quality, super soft and stretchy. This is an example of a bra that I’ll wear only for a few hours with a dress or top that is more fancy. I don’t like wearing a bra with padding like this on a daily basis, but I do adore how special this one looks and feels. My favourite part is that the ivory colour is a great neutral cream that suits my skin well, and the seams camouflage to be undetectable beneath clothing. Not to mention how gorgeous it is overall, I love straying from classic black – this is so fresh!

WonderBra Europe Refined Glamour Triangle Push-Up Bra Review

Depending on the brand, I wear size 30D, 32D or 34B. WonderBra only offers a 34B in that range, so I decided to try it out. The size does work perfectly well for me on the tightest hooks.


WonderBra Lace and Smooth Underwire Bra

WonderBra Lace and Smooth Underwire Bra $49

On a daily basis, I find myself being drawn towards cup-free bras and bralettes the most for their less-structured feel, breathability and comfort when I’m sitting at a desk all day. Especially when it’s hot outside, nothing is worse than thick cups, rigid wire and straps that FALL. OFF. ALL. THE TIME. Can you tell I’m fed up with those? This bra is so pretty and very functional. In a classic vibrant white it can peek out for a sexier look or be concealed under a dress shirt well. The back and straps are thick enough to stay on and don't cause bulging under the arms.

WonderBra Lace and Smooth Underwire Bra review

WonderBra is not a cheap brand, with bras ranging from $30-$70 CAD and underwear costing around $25 CAD. That being said, I’m at the point where I prefer to buy 5 great quality undergarments that last 2 years, instead of buying 10 mid-range or cheap items that fall apart within a few months. Also remember that WonderBra has sales online, and you can always snag a good deal at The Bay – bringing things down to the $10-$20 range on promotion.


WonderBra Europe Refined Glamour Boyshort Panty

WonderBra Europe Refined Glamour Boyshort Panty $27

Alright. These underwear have completely changed the game. I don’t see myself going back to buying oodles of basic cotton at any point in the near future. 

WonderBra Europe Refined Glamour Boyshort Panty Review

Here’s why I love the European Glamour Boyshorts and why you *likely* will too:

- Coverage. They cover the bum and never ride up thanks to the ruching at the back
- They’re not too tight so that they never cut in to your cheeks to make those terrible, dreaded underwear lines
- The gusset is breathable and well positioned
- The fabric is not itchy, and can be worn in the summer all day
- They have a wonderful high-rise, but not too high that they bunch up or peek out of pants
- That pretty triangle detail at the back is sooo cute, and the front is stunning!

I honestly can’t get enough of these undies, they really are comfy, pretty and sassy all in one. You can wear these while sitting at a desk all day and they won’t dig in or shift around at all.

*runs to buy black version*

Make sure to follow the brand on on Instagram here and let me know if you find any items that you love.

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