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Friday, February 22, 2019

DIY Bachelorette Survival Kit Ideas

In 2019 I’m part of two bridal parties, and the weddings happen to be one week apart. To say that I’ve been busy is an understatement, since I’m definitely committed to making these events as memorable as possible for the brides-to-be. I planned my sister's Bachelorette staycation which happened at the beginning of Feb, and wanted to share the details of our "Survival Kits" that I put together for each of the 10 ladies who attended.

I love gifting at parties, so I started planning my bachelorette survival kits about a month before our special weekend. My sister’s name is Lauren, so I deemed the whole weekend our BacheLaurEtte ;)

Without further ado, here are some recommendations for an unforgettable gift bag for your group to enjoy:


☐ A reusable beauty bag

I have to start off with my favourite part, the bag itself! I bought these on AliExpress for only a few bucks, and I adore the translucent soft plastic and adorable design. Shipping time was fantastic, only 1-2 weeks!

☐ Hair tie

Doubling as a cute "team bride" bracelet, I made these hair ties out of a spool of elastic bought on AliExpress. I gave these to the girls before our private yoga class at Equinox.

☐ Water (not pictured)

Bring at least 1 bottle of water for each attendee, since it's crucial to stay hydrated during a fitness class, or after a night out. We also needed these for our spa day, so I had two for each person.

☐ Granola bar

Find a hearty, nutty protein bar at Costco or the grocery store to snack on between events!

☐ Turtles

Who doesn't want a little hint of sweetness after dinner or in the afternoon?

☐ Hounds vodka

Hounds Vodka is hands down the coolest alcohol I've ever had. Infused with Fulvic trace minerals, Hounds ha a distinct black colour, and incredibly smooth taste. These minis are perfect for a celebratory drink (see below) or you can snag a full-size bottle for only $39.60 at the LCBO to share.

☐ Shot glass necklace

I bought these at Party City, they were a huge hit! Make sure to ask your restaurant or bar to fill them up for you, on the house ;)

☐ Makeup applicators

Since you'll be getting ready to go out all together, why not include a fun makeup brush or sponge? My favourites include the Real Techniques Mini Multitasker or their Mini Blush Brush, and the Ecotools Blending sponge or their retractable blush brush.

☐ L’Occitane hand cream

An absolute classic, this hand cream will come in handy (ha!) before bed or in the morning, especially if your party is in the winter.

☐ EOS Lip balm

With new formulas and delectable flavours, EOS balms are fun and effective. They just released a Canadian Maple flavour... add that to your next Shoppers list!

☐ Perfume 

Collect sample perfumes from your Beauty Boutique or department store, and include them in your kits for a final spritz before heading out at night.

☐ Face wipe

My only beauty rule for the weekend: never sleep with your makeup on! Help your babes out with a disposable wipe, Neutrogena sells singles which you could probably track down at Walmart or Target.

☐ Nail file

A mini file is great for fixing up any manicure snags, and for keeping your handbag well-stocked. Get a pack of 12 at Linen Chest.

☐ Colab Dry shampoo

An absolute essential for a pre-party refresh or as a quick fix in the AM, this travel size of Colab's dry shampoo is amazing for your beauty bag. Colab is my favourite brand since it packs such a serious punch. A little goes a LONG way, especially with the extreme version!

☐ Mask

I love a good face mask, who doesn't? 7th Heaven by Montagne Jeunesse is my go-to brand for single use masks that cost a toonie. See the whole collection here and pick some up at your local drugstore. We used ours at the spa, while lounging on the chairs.

☐ Advil Liqui-Gels

This is a no-brainer, since sometimes all you need is a quick Advil fix to feel back at 100%. I bought a Costco bottle and filled little baggies from Dollarama's craft section, but you can get branded single-use Packets here at Staples.

☐ Band-aids

If partying gets a little too cray, and maybe your shoes hate you, equip your gals with some Band-aids, you never know when these will save your life! I keep two in my wallet at all times.

☐ Gum

Another great thing to pick up at Costco, some refreshing gum to have in your handbag.

☐ Tooth brush

Last but not least, a ReadyBrush! Your hotel is sure to supply extra tooth brushes if you happen to forget one, but these are so cute and really high quality, way better than the crappy plastic ones at the drugstore.


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