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Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Best (Chic) Prescription Sunglasses | Kam Dhillon Shields at

Kam Dhillon Shields

I've always dreamed of owning a pair of Persol sunglasses. Handmade in Lauriano Italy, they were originally created for pilots in the early 1900s. Naturally, these would go along with my Fazioli piano, Givenchy handbag and Maserati SUV. But let's be honest, none of this is happening any time soon. Luckily, my Kam Dhillon Shields-53 frames fit the bill, and look incredibly chic on a daily basis.

Clearly Kam Dhillon Shields-53

While shopping, I aim to pay a reasonable price for well-made items. I have a hard time paying over $100 on a pair of sunglasses that will inevitably get bumped around in my purse or dropped onto the cobblestones while on vacation. Clearly always comes to the rescue with their durable frames and custom lenses that can be accommodate all prescriptions, along with polarization, and a variety of coloured tints for sun protection. 

Enter, my stunning Kam Dhillon Shield-53 frames in black. These also come in white tortoise and purple. I wore these glasses almost 24/7 on my recent trip to Spain, and always keep them in my purse for sunny days. They're so sleek, and easily look like they cost $400. Actual retail price? ~$150. Ded.

Kam Dhillon Shields-53 frames

The detailing is beautiful, with little rivets on the corners and the brand written on the arm.

Clearly prescription Sunglasses

These are not my first pair of Kam Dhillon frames that I adore, by the way. My Prelude-51 are a super fab vintage shape that have nose pads, and a decently lightweight metal frame. Buy those online here.

Clearly Kam Dhillon Frames Free

After placing an online order from, wait time is around 7-14 business days for glasses. I highly recommend heading in-store if you're in Toronto though, since the certified opticians will advise you on the best frames to suit your face, along with measuring to ensure each pair is a custom fit. They actually send additional measurements in to the production team via email, plus the regular measurements that you'll enter in online Designer Sunglasses

Here are the frames in the white tortoise colour, sitting beside the Kam Dhillon Brigitte sunglasses. I originally wanted to get the Brigitte frames customized with prescription lenses, but that unfortunately isn't possible. Instead, I ordered the Brigitte glasses in black, to wear when I'm using contacts. Look out for those in an upcoming post where I'll compare them to some designer dupes.

Clearly Kam Dhillon Shields

The Kam Dhillon Shields frames are a bit wider than my usual width of 49-51, but at 53 they're not far off. They were wide enough that I needed some minor adjustments to the arms. That reminds me, another perk of ordering glasses in-store is the fact that they ship the glasses to the store (Queen St. W) so that you're gently forced to get them properly fit once they arrive. Believe me, this is so worth the extra 5 minutes.

It’s amazing how many new frames that has been coming out with lately, let me know if you get to snag a pair!

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  1. Hi there! Just in the process of ordering prescription sunglasses from Clearly and my IG hashtag searched resulted in finding the same ones I want on your account. They look great! Just wondering what are the details surrounding the type of lense you ordered if you don’t mind me asking? I don’t see a black lense option on their site. Only grey. Which I’m not too sure is what you ordered.Thanks so much for taking the time!


    1. Hi Kristen! thanks so much for the note. I'm happy you like them! I have the Advanced Thin Air Sunglasses Lenses. Have a great day and please subscribe to keep up with my reviews! You can submit your email for updates in the right sidebar. xx


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