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Sunday, January 21, 2018

Kam Dhillon Prelude 51 | Clearly + Transitions Review

Clearly Review
Before heading to Italy in July of last year, I went to Clearly and bought a pair of frames with transition lenses to avoid the dreaded glasses switch while walking in and out of museums or shops. I went with Kam Dhillon’s Prelude 51 frames in Black and I couldn’t be happier.

Kam Dhillon Prelude 51
At first, I thought I looked like a crazy grandma wearing them. The frame is punchy, but with the nose pads they feel incredibly comfortable on my face. I’m so happy I found them, especially since this frame was sold out online for a long time. Recently, they were re-released and you can find them in a brown colour too. Shop Kam Dhillon Prelude 51 here.

Kam Dhillon Review

The frames will run you $95 and Transitions® Advance Thin Air Lens in Grey come to $280 with a simple prescription. $375 total for these gorgeous specs is a pretty decent price, especially considering they'd run you $500+ from an optometrist. (sorry!)

Transitions Review
The details on Kam Dhillon frames are especially gorgeous, no other collection compares at Clearly. Her name is printed on the arm, the shine is incredible, the black lacquer has not budged, and the fit is perfect.

Clearly Transitions

Here are the lenses transitioned. They don't go completely opaque, which was a bit of a problem when I was travelling. In full blown Italian sunshine, I was squinting. I'd still take these over carrying 2 pairs most days, but note that if you're on a beach or trying to navigate in super bright sun, you might want to look at dedicated sunglasses.

Prescription Sunglasses

Overall, I am so incredibly pleased with these glasses. The only downfall is that they'll take a bit longer to transition when you come inside from being outdoors, but after 5 mins they're back to normal. I get tons of compliments on the frames, I really didn't expect to love them as much as I do since they are so statement-making. The comfortable nose pads and large lenses are ideal for long days, and I almost never have to bring sunnies around with me now thanks to these fancy specs. See my past Clearly reviews here. 


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