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Thursday, February 28, 2019

Planning a Toronto Bachelorette Party | Everything You Need To Know

Toronto Bachelorette Party
I bought these awesome photo booth props from AliExpress which were under $10!

At the beginning of Feb I hosted a Bachelorette staycation for my sister Lauren in Toronto. We had so much fun, and staying close to home was a great idea since travelling in Feb is usually a nightmare, and this allowed for us to spend a bit more on hotel and activities. I was inspired by Jordana at I Hart Nutrition when she planned a similar Bachelorette for her sister last year. Between our two posts, you'll have oodles of inspiration for your next Bachelorette Party in Toronto!

My top recommendation would be to give yourself lots of time. Overall things were fine for us, but here's how I'd do it next time -

Ideas for Toronto Bachelorette

Timeline for Planning and Booking:

  • 3-4 months before - invite girls, ask for available weekends via a poll in Facebok Messenger app
  • 2-3 months before - Book spa treatments (Body Blitz)
  • 2 months before - Reserve dinner and hotel (esp if it’s a busy weekend in the city)
  • 2 months before - Get gift bags and decor ordered!
  • 1 month before - Fill gift bags, start getting snacks together - candy and booze
  • 1 week before - Get the perishable snacks (hummus, carrots, orange juice, chips, etc. )
  • 1 week before - Get girls to pay a $150 deposit and see if you want to order room service at the hotel - ask for their menu
  • 1 week before - Confirm dinner, bar, spa, club guest list, hotel, yoga class, etc.
  • Weekend of - Order Tims or McD on your phone for breakfast (Uber Eats is great for McD!)

Our entire "weekend" was really only 24 hours, but we packed in a bunch of great activities. Here's how it went!

Equinox Yoga Class

Saturday, 2:30 PM 

MOVE: Private Yoga Class at Equinox Fitness Club

I wanted to start our special weekend with a group session of either spin or yoga. I'm a member at Equinox Bay St. in Toronto, and they continue to impress me with amazing services and classes. I was able to set up a private class covered by my membership with Rosanna, one of the best yoga instructors I've ever had. She prepared the room especially for us, customized the class to accommodate different levels of experience, and provided modifications for my sister Alissa who is pregnant with baby #2. Equinox is a stunning gym, and the best and most fancy in the city - in my opinion. The showers are stocked with Kiehl's products so we were all able to freshen up after class and sit in the sauna/steam room before heading to our hotel. This alleviated any hotel bathroom crowding while we got ready for our night out as well. Send me a note if you're in Toronto and want to try out the gym, I promise you'll want to come back time and time again!

Fairmont Royal York Hotel

STAY: Fairmont Royal York Hotel

As a group of 10, we wanted to find a hotel with adjoining rooms and a comfortable layout for our evening. I went with the Fairmont Royal York, which has connecting king bed rooms. We booked 3 rooms, two kings and one double bed room. So between 4 big beds and two roll-away beds, we all slept comfortably. The king rooms are where we played games, had snacks and ate breakfast in the morning. I gifted all of the girls with a Bachelorette Survival Kit, which was a cute makeup bag filled with all the weekend essentials. See my post covering what to put in your DIY Bachelorette Survival Kits here. As for an even snazzier hotel option, I'd recommend BISHA. Another fantastic location and breathtaking rooms, this hotel is ideal for larger parties since they have outstanding bars and restaurants in the hotel itself.

Montecito Toronto

EAT: Montecito Restaurant

There are unlimited options for restaurants in Toronto, but I had my heart set on Montecito from the beginning. This classy, chic resto is California-style cuisine with a focus on farm-to-table dishes which suit every taste. I enjoyed the Kale salad topped with pulled chicken, which was an immense portion. Their drink options are fabulous, and the servers made our dining experience extra special. From rounds of tequila in our cute little shot glass necklaces to a gorgeous dessert platter to share, AND our customized menu - I can't wait to go back to try more of their unique entrées.

Montecito Restaurant Menu


If you're visiting Toronto from out of town, I'd recommend booking everything close to Union station. We have a great network of trains and busses that can all drop you off at Union, along with a direct train from Pearson Airport. Getting to Billy Bishop Airport is also very quick, there's a shuttle bus that will pick you up and drop you off within walking distance to Union as well. When you're going to and from dinner, clubs, etc. make sure to use Uber, or hail a good 'ol cab. I'd avoid TTC, it's far too unreliable and messy to coordinate tickets for a large group.

The Fifth Social Club Toronto Guest List

DANCE: The Fifth

We decided to go to The Fifth Social Club for dancing since it was free for guest list members before 11. This is a really cool, laid-back club with cute booths and pretty décor. They even had a swing at the beginning of the night which was so fun for photos. Music was OK and they even brought in pizza at 1AM for the people who had booths! We snagged a few pieces from the party beside us, and enjoyed hot apple cider and popcorn on the way out. I'll have to go back this summer, apparently they make hotdogs on the BBQ when the weather warms up.

Montecito Restaurant Toronto Review


In the AM we got up around 9 and I ordered Tim Hortons on my mobile app. Their location was right around the corner from the Royal York, so I ended up doing some ordering at the restaurant as well. You can't make many customizations on the app, nor can you order carafes of coffee on there. Overall this went smoothly, and it was a cheap option too. We all ate around the livingroom area of our luxe King room.

Bachelorette Team Bride Tribe Hair Tie Bracelet


We checked out at 11:00 and made our way to Body Blitz Spa, right around Adelaide and Bathurst. We all used the waters circuit there for 2.5 hours, and Lauren was treated to a 1-hr body bake, which included a light massage and full-body mud mask. Ensure that you make all bookings at Body Blitz 10 weeks in advance, since they book up so quickly on weekends. We weren't able to get in for any massages, so definitely make these arrangements early on in your planning. The waters circuit was amazing nonetheless, and we saved some $$ by buying two "waters cards", each of which have 7 passes for a reduced rate. The passes never expire so it's a great deal. You move through a cycle of warm salt water pool, cold plunge pool, hot tub, steam room and sauna with rests in between. Make sure you take off all jewellery before the circuit since silver will tarnish heavily with chlorine exposure.

At the spa we all said our goodbyes and headed home. This was an unforgettable weekend filled with laughs and great memories. Lauren had so much fun, which made me a very proud MOH.

Private Yoga Class Toronto

Have you ever attended a Bachelorette? Let me know your favourite part!



  1. This is by far the fanciest bachelorette I've ever heard of! Great job putting it all together! Sounds like a blast.

    1. Hehe thank you Danielle!! I had a great time for sure, we live in quite the city so it was great to pick and choose our activities. Have a lovely weekend xoxo


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