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Monday, January 21, 2019

What Ladies Actually Want for Valentine's Day

Valentine's day gift ideas

The holidays have just ended and we're getting back to regularly scheduled programming. My bank account is crying a little bit less... but I shouldn't speak too soon. Valentine’s day is just around the corner.

Farleyco Beauty

My relationship is a 50/50 agreement, and I enjoy buying gifts just as much (if not more) than I enjoy receiving them. I usually try to go for an experience gift, which forces us to go out and have fun - especially good in this -100°C weather! That being said, opening a present is guaranteed to elicit feelings of joy, so I try to get a physical gift for each event. 

Anita Bras

I find it funny that buying socks and underwear for men has become so normalized, but the moment you want to buy women underwear and bras- SOUND THE ALARM! Too personal! Too touchy! Awkward! Only for a mom to do! Still awkward!

You know what isn’t awkward? Being thoughtful. Caring for someone. Knowing your significant other’s needs, and tending to those very needs. So guys, listen up!

In my opinion, buying *functional* bras is a total drag because they rarely fit me right. I’ll try to find one that I like, purchase the exact same one incessantly in bulk quantities, then forget about the item for the rest of the year. The problem is that bras, underwear, and even socks can be so unreasonably expensive - and not even good quality!! It’s worth finding a brand that will last you a long time so that you can waste less, and use your clothing without worrying that it'll fall apart. 

Rosa Faia

1. High-Quality Lingerie

Anita is a German bra brand that has been around for over 100 years. They specialize in high-tech design that provides INCREDIBLE levels of support. Not only are the bras simply beautiful, but they also come in a very wide array of sizing. I am around a 30D, but it really depends on the style. 32C, 34B, I'll wear them all at times. 

It's also important to note that Anita offers prosthesis bras for women who have undergone a mastectomy, along with maternity bras and nursing bras. As a regular volunteer with LGFB Canada, we will be sharing this info about Anita with all the women who are battling breast cancer. Not many brands can provide support - literally - for the warrior women going through treatment.

Rosa Faia Bra Review

I wear my SELMA - Underwire bra in black a ton, it's comfortable, pretty and very supportive. There is no cup, so it's extra breathable. Wear this style under a sheer top for a very date-night appropriate look. Mine is a size 32C.

The PADDED BASIC - Multi-way Underwire Bra is a classic staple, available in black and nude. I'm so excited to wear this style for the weddings I'm part of this spring. Again this one I wear in 32C.

Anita bras are around the $90 CAD price point, all the more reason to visit a retailed and get fitted by one of their experienced staff to walk away satisfied. Give a special lady in your life a voucher to go buy one or two Anita/Rosa Faia bras for V-Day, it'll definitely show that you care about her needs.

best drugstore skincare

2. Beauty Products

Skincare, makeup accessories, hair care, and more. Our daily feminine “needs” can be astronomical, and also very expensive. Why not create a care package with some items that ladies might not feel inclined to spend their money on day-to-day? New makeup brushes, a beautiful hair brush, some pamper-time masks, and false eyelashes!

EcoTools Brushes

I can confidently say that EcoTools makes my favourite makeup brushes, especially since they're so affordable. This amazing 5-piece set comes with this little tray that is perfect for corralling items on your makeup counter. It also has handy little how-to sheets, great for those who are just learning!

ecotools how-to

The perfect pairing to go with the EcoTools brushes is this RealTechniques "Expert Organizer" stick-on brush holder. It adds a little storage solution to any mirror or cupboard surface, you need one of these!  

Single pocket expert makeup holde real techniques

Another essential from RealTechniques - my Mini Expert Face Brush! I keep it in my handbag for easy blending on-the-go. I'm all about cream products in the winter since my face gets really flaky and dry, it's fantastic. Just like the original, which I reviewed it here.


One-time use masks are fantastic because you can pop them in your luggage for when you’re on vacation. This format also means that the product will be super fresh inside, though I don't use them much since it isn't a very eco-friendly option. This Pink Rose Clay mask is from 7th Heaven, it has Damask Rose petals for soothing and calming, cold pressed Marula Oil that hydrates, natural Clays to deeply cleanse pores, and Shea and Cocoa Butter for the ultimate moisture boost!

Rexall flyer

False Lashes

Cheap and cheerful, these MesmorEyes lashes are my all-time fave. They have a clear band which makes them look extremely natural and healthy, not heavy and trashy. You can wear no eyeliner, or customize to have a striking cat eye in a shade of your choice – like one of these pretty Avon liners from the holiday collection!

Hair Brush

I keep a Wet Brush in my washroom, in my gym bag, in my travel bag, you name it! These are a great option for all ages and all lengths of hair, since the soft bristles never hurt my scalp. They come in adorable holiday-themed designs that are a nice change from standard solid shades. I first reviewed the Wet Brush here back in the summer of 2017.

Results-Driven Lotion

This isn't a super cute product, but the Flexitol Eczema Cream is a medicine cabinet staple, especially in the cold, dry winter months. I fly through moisturizer so fast, and always love when people add it into a gift for me. If you know anyone who struggles with dry elbows, patches of irritated skin, or chronically dry feet - look to Flexitol. I swear by their products - evidence is here!

Best drugstore fake lashes

What do you want for Valentine's Day?

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