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Wednesday, January 23, 2019

What's in my Gym Bag?

what's in my gym bag

I don’t know about you, but each January I feel this intense urge to get my life back on track. I start making a schedule, I try to stick with it, and I’m usually pretty good for at least a few weeks. This year my sleeping habits have not gotten better, #busyasabee, but my workout routine is through the roof. I love sweating and boosting my strength, so I’m excited to show you how I keep myself motivated by preparing everything I need beforehand.

workout bag essentials

How cute is my gym bag, btw? My friend Sara gave it to me, it was from a Fab Fit Fun box!

In this bag you’ll find a few things that RARELY exit the bag. Such as: a protein bar, running shoes, shower flops, a face cream, hair elastics, hair brush, water bottle, and extra socks/undies. The only things I’ll rotate out of my bag are the clothes I’m wearing at my workout class, and my wallet/phone. I keep this bag at my desk and I'll take it for lunch workouts, or I'll take out a few items (bag of fresh clothes, shower flops, water bottle) if I'm heading home after the gym.

cute gym clothes

I hate arriving to the gym and realizing I forgot something, so I’ll pack some reusable drawstring bags with entire outfits at the beginning of the week and pick them up as I need. I’ll keep one or two in my desk drawer, and I’ll make sure that each bag is QA approved for having everything I need.

clean clothing bags


  • Workout bottoms
  • Sports bra
  • Tank top
  • Thin underwear
  • Sweat socks 
  • Face cloth
  • Baggie (for wet face cloth)
  • Fresh undies and socks for after I shower 

grab bag for gym

These little sacks of clean workout clothes are easy to spot in my bag, and easy to refill. I take all my workout gear from the laundry and pack it into these drawstring bags all at the same time, so I’m never left scrambling for a “look”. I remember once I picked up my lulu turtleneck thinking it was a regular long sleeve top, and this was in the middle of summer. I’m wearing shorts and a turtleneck in barre class. I looked like a total nutbag.

Turtleneck no more! I also enjoy looking cool at the gym, I find that it helps to boost my confidence and I end up enjoying the workout more. Besides, you’re in front of a mirror like 90% of the time anyway. Might as well look cute!

I typically wear leggings and a tank from Aerie/American eagle and a sports bra from Gap Body. Calvin Klein make amazing underwear, perfect for the gym. Links and details to those pieces can be found in my recent haul here.

gym packing

If you want to exercise on your flow, pick up a few pairs of Thinx. These underwear are absorbent, so you can wear a diva cup and these undies without any worry. The thong absorbs like a pantiliner, and the regular underwear absorb similar to a pad. I love the fit and comfort when I’m wearing these undies. The girl I met from the brand says that she’ll wear hers into the shower, rinse them out and hang dry before washing them in the machine as usual. So easy, and incredibly eco-friendly. Buy their sport panties here for $43.83 cad.

Gym Bag

I’ll also keep some basic hair and makeup essentials in a little cosmetic bag in case I’m heading back to work or out to an event.

My favourite face cream for post-workout is from Indeed Labs, it’s the Hydraluron™ intense moisture lotion. I find that my skin will be a bit irritated after a hot shower and sweaty workout, so this does an amazing job at hydrating, calming redness and prepping my skin for either bedtime, or the rest of the day. It’s a total skincare chameleon! You need to try it. No fragrance, 30 mil and super comfortable on combination skin. 

simply protein review

I don’t know what I would do without Simply Protein bars. Actually, I might pass out some days. That’s what I’d do! Lol but honestly, it’s crucial to have a snack after working out for me, so why not make it fun? These bars are like Rice Krispie squares that are even more yummy, with an incredible amount of protein. The lemon coconut Simply Bar and chocolate mint Whey Bar are my top favs, since they don’t pack much sugar (1g & 4g) and they aren’t "heavy". I can eat an entire bar without having it sit in my stomach, or feel pasty in my mouth. Did I mention how they have 15 grams of protein?!? Buy one, you’ll love it. I promise! The kids ones are so cute too, because a little bit of chocolate brownie never hurt anyone. (4g protein, 2g sugar)

If you’re having trouble getting to the gym this winter, don’t let it be easy for yourself to make excuses and give up. Pack your clothes in little shoe or garment bags (mine are from Sephora) and keep a gym bag stocked and ready for whenever you need it. Force yourself to stop there on the way home, or make it a habit to get up at lunch hour for a quick sweat. If you’re a morning person, start your day off on the right foot! Make it easy and you’ll feel 100x better about it. There’s nothing sweeter than a little bit of accomplishment in your routine. Oh, and some abs. ;)

Press samples from Thinx and Simply Protein featured.

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