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Thursday, January 17, 2019

The Best Red Lipstick | Clarins Joli Rouge, Velvet & Brilliant

clarins red lipstick

I used to pass off all of my red lipsticks to my grandmother, since I never wanted to fuss with the maintenance of keeping a sharp lip line and even colour. Over the holidays, I realized that it really is the easiest fix to throw on some funky earrings and a fun red lip to completely pull together a look. Clarins recently relaunched their iconic Joli Rouge lipstick with a classic, glossy and matte formula, so I tried shade 742 joli rouge in all three formulas. Let's see how they look!

clarins joli rouge

Nicolas Gerlier, a 10-year veteran in product development and marketing at L’Oréal Luxe in Paris, said:
"Lipstick is the most visible makeup item, it’s more than a colour. It’s an energy that encourages speaking and defending a point of view." - Fashion Magazine 

I couldn't agree more with this quote, because wearing lipstick can help me achieve that sense of confidence and self-assurance that might be lost when fatigue and stress are looming. These three lipsticks come in a collective 60 SHADES (!!!) and all have extremely unique finishes.

clarins joli rouge review
Joli Rouge brilliant, velvet and classic

Joli Rouge - Shade 742 Joli Rouge $29 CAD

Look to this original formula for classic hydration and 6 hours of long-wear. This lippie has that delectable berry flavour I already love from a bunch of other Clarins lip products, reviewed here. A rich and creamy formula leaves the lips with intense color and a delicate satin finish. It has the perfect level of moisturization for my dry lips, since it is enriched with organic Salicornia extract and mango oil.

clarins joli rouge velvet

Joli Rouge Velvet - Shade 742v Joli Rouge $29 CAD

Clarins has now released this legendary lipstick in a luxurious, new matte finish. This hydrating formula somehow strikes a balance between non-drying vivid colour, and a flawless velvet look. The texture is light and creamy, gliding gently onto the lips with ease. It is the longest lasting amongst the three formulas, and packs a serious punch. I first tried dabbing this on my lips for a sheer finish with my finger, and also applied a bit on my cheeks when I forgot to apply blush! I adore this lippie.

clarins joli rouge matte swatches
Joli Rouge Velvet applied lightly with a finger on the left, and full-on from the bullet on the right

clarins joli rouge review
Clarins Joli Rouge brilliant, velvet and classic

Joli Rouge Brillant - Shade 742S Joli Rouge $29 CAD

This juicy and glossy formula hydrates lips for 6 hours while providing flexibility, comfort and brightness. The brilliant effect is thanks to the perfect dose of fine pearls, that glisten with finesse. There is also a "Shine Booster +" complex which multiplies the reflection of light on the lips. I like keeping this one in my bag for a quick pop of colour throughout the afternoon, it's easy to apply without a mirror and has a more natural, glowy finish than the other formulas.

Here are a few snaps from the launch event earlier in the fall:

clarins joli rouge party

clarins models
My beautiful besties, also dubbed the "Real Bloggers of King West" ;) Andy and Shawna 

Lipstick wall clarins canada pr

Clarins Lip Stain
The incredible Clarins lip stains, look at that lasting power!! I wiped with a makeup wipe.
Joli Rouge Gradation lipstick
Check out the *limited edition* Joli Rouge Gradation lipstick that comes in 3 variations of tri-colour lipstick, so Instagrammable.

Clarins lipstick review canada

For more pics and reviews of these stunning lippies, check out Andy's review here and Shawna's here. Let me know if you pick one up for yourself!

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