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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

How I Take My Photos | Nikon D3200 & NIKKOR Lenses

Nikon D3200 review

Blogging for over three and a half years has been so much fun. Even though my content drifts from one topic to the next (much like my train of thought), there's always one thing that remains the same. I've grown up with my camera, and we've gotten to know each other very well. From trips across the world, to moisturizer smears and eye shadow dust, it's safe to say that we've been through a lot.

Since the summer of 2012 when this Nikon D3200 came into my life, I've learned that snapping a photo is only half the work. And no matter how hard I try to self-teach the functions of aperture, white balance, f-stop, etc., I just want my camera lenses to do the balancing act for me.

I purchased the D3200 in a kit from Blacks (RIP) and it cost about $600 for the 18-55mm zoom lens, two (corrupted) memory cards, and a few accessories. To see the full story, watch my video linked below.

Though I still love my 18-55mm zoom  lens for filming videos and taking landscape shots, I've since added two additional NIKKOR lenses to my repertoire:


Here are the details on each lens -

Note that I have the 18-55mm zoom lens I from the kit, and they only seem to be selling the II lens.

I take my photos on the No Flash setting unless I need some extra light or want to try a portrait setting. I always shoot photos using the viewfinder, and videos using the LCD screen. Photos are up to 24 megapixels and videos shoot in 1080p HD.

Here are some photos of purple flowers taken at the exact same distance on my tripod, using the 3 different lenses. You can see a few additional examples of photos taken with each lens below.

  • The 18-55mm zoom VR is great for wide shots and places where you'd like to zoom in and out on a subject.
  • The 50mm 1.8 gives a bright picture with a blurred background, but you need to stay at least 1.5 feet away from your subject. 
  • The 40mm f/2.8 micro allows you to get within inches of your subject for a super crisp shot. 

My kit included a Nikon camera strap, but I'm now using a personalized leather strap from Tap & Dye. Three of my other must-haves include a Nikon remote control for selfies and close-ups, an Optex tabletop tripod, and the LensPen for easy cleaning.

A tiny memory stick disguised as a camera, my LensPen and remote 

See my camera, accessories and lenses in person here:

Next on my list? I've heard great reviews of 28mm lenses for a more wide field of view, and a fancy zoom lens for travelling would be lots of fun.

I have seen this particular D3200 camera sold at Shoppers Drug Mart, Costco, Best Buy and the classic camera stores like Henry's.

Happy snapping!


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