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Friday, January 8, 2016

My Dollarama Must-Haves

I am a shameless sale shopper. I also love most discount stores, thrift stores, and (drumrolll pleasee) the dollar store. 'Cause who doesn't love a good deal? I admit that these stores can come with their own respective gripes, but at the end of the day, I'm always down for the hunt.

After receiving an immensely positive reaction from my hair styling posts using foam rollers from Dollarama (link here, & here) I have decided to share a few of my beauty faves from the Canadian discount store that we all know and love.
  1. Microfibre Hair Towel - great for travel
  2. Cotton Swabs - amazing to fix makeup mistakes
  3. Cotton Rounds - my favourite for a morning cleanse with Nivea's Micellar Water
  4. Kleenex Ultra Soft Tissues - great as napkins 
  5. Jewellery Storage Bags - perfect for storing any little trinkets and beads
  6. Baby Washcloths - I looove using these to remove my makeup after dissolving it with L'Occitane Oil Remover
  7. Foam Rollers - My secret to the perfect no-fuss beachy, sleep-in curls 

For more details, check out my recent video here:



  1. Oh my, I never would have thought to use those baby clothes to take off makeup. I know what I'm going hunting for ;)

    1. Yes Jodi!! They're so so soft, and thin so they dry fast. I toss mine into the laundry and they always wash well. Hope you love them! x


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