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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Favourite Snack Of The Moment | Prana Organic Coconut Chips

Prana Coconut Chips

I'm a total chip person. I love a good crunchy snack, and the healthier the better. But I must admit - some healthy chips aren't always deliciousAfter recently trying some Kale chips, I only got through about five before I quickly resorted to salt and vinegar Pringles. When my crunchy craving hits, dried leaves just don't cut it.

After loving the chia seeds I tried from Prana back in November (link to my Chia Banana Pancake Recipe here) I was really interested in trying these coconut chips to see just how "natural" (a.k.a. leaf-y) they taste. 

Coconut Chips

Named after popular dance from around the world, one bag of chips retails for around $4 CAD. They are essentially organic coconut, sliced, dried and seasoned. yum. Here is the list in order of preference:

Dry roasted and seasoned with sea salt & cracked black pepper

Organic coconut strips in their most natural state

Dry roasted and seasoned with a rich and unique BBQ mix

Dry roasted and seasoned with spicy chili and exotic spices


When you bite into these crunchy chips, you get a natural coconut flavour, mixed with the seasonings (if any) and you'll definitely notice that there is coconut oil in them. We all love coconut here at home, so each flavour has been a hit.

Whether it's as a movie snack (Jive) salad topper (Hula) or smoothie bowl addition, (Classic) these chips are exotic enough to enlighten your taste buds, but not overly oily or seasoned to make you regret it an hour later.

Organic Coconut Review

Another great feature is that the resealable bag is very lightweight, which means that throwing one into your purse for an afternoon pick-me-up is totally doable. To find a local retailer of Prana products, you can use their store locator linked here.

These coconut chips are vegan, organic, gluten-free, kosher and GMO-free. Lots of love for this awesome Canadian brand as I was sent the entire range as a press sample.


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