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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

The Only Skirt You Need For The Holidays | PARTYSKIRTS by Lauren & Mariel

Marsala Lady Length PARTYSKIRT

I wish I had unlimited amounts of time to pick out my outfits. I love fun fashion, and life is too short to wear boring clothes. Admittedly, the holiday season can be hectic, and spending hours getting ready for an event isn't always possible. So isn't it nice having that "go-to" wardrobe staple to throw on for a party?

PARTYSKIRTS at Mendocino on Queen St. in Toronto

I'm all about a full skater skirt, and PARTYSKIRTS are especially awesome. Not only were they created by a Vancouver-based pair named Lauren & Mariel, but they're timeless and suitable for ladies of all ages. These rainbow-hued skirts come in two lengths, and are made from 100% Silk Taffeta and manufactured in Vancouver.

Lauren wearing the Navy Classic PARTYSKIRT

My sister recently attended an event in my place to get the lowdown on the brand and to try on the styles. These skirts are pretty and playful, but still chic and mature. It's easy to fall into the "all black everything" fashion trap when the icy cold rolls in, so investing in a structured PARTYSKIRT is a great idea since it will instantly elevate any neutral look. 

If you're looking for that punchy statement piece for your holiday outfits (prices range from around $100 to $250) then head on down to Mendocino on Queen St. in Toronto to play dress up. I could even see these skirts working wonderfully for a bridal party or photoshoot. Regardless of the affair, wearing a PARTYSKIRT means that you'll be noticed for all the right reasons, and it'll definitely single out the Birthday Girl amongst the crowd.


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