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Friday, May 1, 2015

Top 10 Favourite Youtube Channels

A few weeks back I highlighted 10 of my favourite blogs. I keep up with those writers mainly for style, home decor, and lifestyle tips. My YouTube feed, on the other hand, is almost solely centred around makeup and skincare channels. Here are my 10 favourites:

1. Beauty By Justine

Justine is my favourite YouTube girl to watch in French. She has a gorgeous accent, makes adorable porcelain items (shop here) and is so naturally beautiful. I absolutely love her sense of style, whether it's makeup, skincare, home decor or fashion.

2. Get The Gloss TV is a fantastic online magazine, with expert tips and realistic articles. The UK-based editors are professionals, and I love watching all their helpful videos on the channel.

 Ruth has been one of my go-to girls for years. She's a stunning model, who gives lovely makeup and skincare tips. I can't get enough of her smart, funny and overall positive attitude. Ruth also lives in the UK.

Estée is so cool, and always fun to watch. She's originally from Ontario and now lives in London, England with her boyfriend Aslan and their (ah-dorable) dog Reggie. Her style is perfectly minimalistic, natural and super chic.

Fleur makes some of the only vlogs that I truly enjoy watching. She also just wrote a book which covers similar topics to her fun, practical beauty and style videos. Fleur has three dogs, two cats, and a very dapper husband named Mike who often makes cameo appearances in her videos.

Emily is one of the most reliable YouTube personalities of them all. She reviews nearly every makeup product that I might be interested in, and I can always count on her for fun, informative reviews. She also has an "express" channel with tons of shorter reviews, linked here.

Marnie has kids and a busy life outside of her channel, and I really look up to her since she is so confident in her style and relationships. She films great vlogs and it's so fun to see what daily life is like in San Antonio. 

Michele is such a classic YouTube beauty girl who I've been watching for ages. Her videos are always consistent and it has been so nice to see her channel evolve. She does great reviews, tutorials, and style videos.

9. Pretty Shiny Sparkly

I only started watching Kristina's videos recently, but I am now obsessed! I seriously admire her tenacity, life-juggling abilities, (full-time physician in Anesthesiology and regular blogger and YouTube-er) and her ability to remain positive and relatable in her content.

10. Lisasz09

Lisa is super cool, and I always enjoy seeing snippets from her family life though weekly vlogs. She mainly reviews makeup, but I absolutely love getting her opinion on practically every skincare product and treatment out there.

Who do you watch on YouTube?


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