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Friday, January 16, 2015

Tropical Vacation Checklist

Tropical Vacation Checklist

When travelling to a warmer climate, it's easy to start throwing a ton of cute stuff into your bag and completely overpack. For a week vacation, only bringing a carry-on luggage is definitely possible. Here are the essentials I brought to Jamaica.

(Of course I also added some makeup, undergarments, toiletries etc. but those are no-brainers!)

On The Plane

Comfort and distraction are key for a plane ride. I always wear leggings or sweats, a comfy tee, and  slip on shoes (see espadrilles below). I download ebooks from the library onto a Samsung tablet, and I keep a water bottle and headphones at close reach. Don't forget to keep an extra bathing suit and change of clothes in your carry-on, in case your luggage gets lost (if you check it).

In The Bag

Want to save space? Use your beach bag as a carry-on handbag! I always bring a wristlet for the room key and hair clips, spray sunscreen for my body, face sunscreen to reapply, inexpensive sun glasses, a lip balm with SPF, a multi-purpose sarong or scarf, and a biiig sun hat. 


All you need: a few lightweight tees, a low-back top and a cute romper. A cropped tee is great for wearing with a skirt, and I love low back tops to show off a bit of that sun-kissed glow. Rompers are prefect for the beach and can be dressed up in the evening. 


A flowy white skirt, patterned shorts, black dress shorts and a chambray jumpsuit. They can all be worn casual, or with wedges for dinner. I look for polyester fabrics that don't wrinkle much, or naturally wrinkly items to make life easier. 


Espadrilles are the ideal warm weather slip-on. Leather sandals are chic and versatile, while wedges are prefect for a fancy touch. Keep in mind that warm neutrals complement a healthy glow quite nicely. 


It's all about bright colours for vacation jewellery. Leave super pricy pieces at home, but make sure to have a watch (since your cellphone won't be on you 24/7), a cute ankle bracelet, a bright white statement necklace, some fun bracelets and a statement ring. Turquoise is my stone of choice.

Bathing Suits

I stick to 3-4 main bathing suits for the week. It's always fun to bring interchangeable patterns, like the purple bottoms and coral pink top I have listed above. I have a cute striped bikini from H&M that can be swapped out with either the solid bottom or top. Don't forget oodles of plastic bags for packing, since bathing suits could still be wet, and toiletries tend to explode. 

Happy travels!


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