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Monday, January 19, 2015

Review: New Wet n Wild Makeup Brushes

Wet n Wild makeup brushes new for February 2015: In Your Shadow, The Louder Powder and Build A Foundation

The three brushes, $4, $4 and $2 with a size comparison to a typical pen
Welcome the sleek trio of face brushes from Wet n Wild, releasing next month. Spoiler alert: they're a fave.

These cruelty-free natural goat hair brushes (the animals are shaved) cost $3.99 for the powder brush, $1.99 for the eye shadow brush and $3.99 for the synthetic foundation brush. Talk about a bargain! 

I must admit, I wasn't expecting much from these brushes. For being so inexpensive I would never have guessed that they'd be so soft. They're practically the same quality as my $20 brushes. 

The shadow brush is fantastic, laying down powder over the entire eye in a cinch. It's silky soft, and really holds up to washing and repeated use. 

The foundation brush (the one synthetic option in the trio) is a real stand-out, since I usually overlook classic foundation brushes as being too streaky for creams. This one proved me wrong! The extra-fine, tapered bristles blend cream concealer like a dream up around the eyes, nose and mouth. I use it to blend out my Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer, which I've been using in lieu of a foundation. See the video for more details on that. I haven't put this thing down. 

Though the powder brush is a bit more textured, it isn't uncomfortable to use. If anything, the fact that the bristles aren't super soft means that it will pick up and distribute powder more effectively. That's one of the main benefits when using natural hair brushes with powders - they apply dry product very well.

Check out my recent video to see the brushes in action:

You'll be able to find Wet n Wild's new brush line at Loblaws and Walmart next month.


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