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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Visiting Washington, DC

Washington is a fabulous city, filled with countless attractions and gorgeous scenery. This is my second time visiting the Northern Virginia area, and the weather this past week has made the trip even better than the last.

The White House, The Capitol Building and the fountain beside The National Gallery of Art

We started off by visiting some of the classic tourist hotspots, such as viewing the White House and Capitol Building from afar. The grounds are beautiful in the Spring, with green grass and the freshest flowers all over. White House tours are available, but appointments must be organized through your country's embassy.
We took a break from walking and sat down in front of the Pavilion Café, where we saw this gorgeous fountain. I absolutely love spending time relaxing outside in the 20°C weather. I can't wait for spring to hit Toronto. 

Animals featured in The Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History

I truly enjoy visiting museums and galleries, but only in reasonable doses. The joy of the Smithsonian museums is that they all offer free entry to the general public, seven days a week. Security is present, but not ridiculous, in the sense that you're allowed to bring in food and liquids, but they prohibit eating and drinking in the exhibits. My favourites are the National Museum of Natural History (images above) and the National Air and Space Museum. We were fortunate enough to visit on National Field Trip Day (not official, coined by yours truly) which resulted in some rather hectic encounters, due to many small humans absolutely everywhere. Luckily, the National Gallery of Art was nearly vacant, which allowed us to stroll through the exhibits at our own pace.

Left: Sweater and Scarf- H&M, Pants- J. Crew, Sandals- Birkenstock, Bag- Vintage
Right: Shirt: H&M, Scarf- Vintage,  Pants- Old Navy
Did I already mention how perfect the weather is in Washington? I'll stop now. But if you've never been to our neighbouring country's capital, I would highly recommend the vacation. It isn't an overly expensive area to visit and will surely leave you feeling well-versed in American culture.

Happy travels!

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