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Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Shopping for Eyeglasses Online | Firmoo Review

Firmoo Review
I’ve been shopping for glasses online for years. I’ve also shared my experience shopping with quite heavily, which you can see more of here. After feeling a bit discouraged with my options at Clearly, I decided to try out Firmoo, an even more affordable online glasses store which found me with three new pairs! A few photos are included below, along with a video detailing my experience overall. 

Firmoo cat eye glasses
On the left are three glasses from and the right are three glasses from Firmoo

Firmoo #YC8037M

I bought the style #YC8037M in both rose gold and gold/black. It is a stunning cat eye style with nose pads and flexible hinges. Also pictured are the #F60159 in grey, a stunning plastic frame with big rectangular lenses. I got the cheapest lenses just to see how they perform. Definitely a lot of glare and more of a hazy blue look to them, but nothing unwearable. The weight is absolutely fine, and since my prescription is standard (~ -3.5) all lenses are doable from Firmoo. That being said, it is worthwhile to upgrade to thin lenses with coatings for glare/scratches/night driving.

Next on my wishlist are the Lindley from Warby Parker
Firmoo eyeglasses shipping review Canada
Each pair comes with a cleaning cloth, soft pouch and hard case with a fun map design on the outside. 

Have you ever bought glasses online? Let me know how it went! 



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