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Tuesday, March 31, 2020

The Best Lamp For Your At-Home Office Desk

AnthroDesk LED Desk Lamp

Has there ever been a better time to invest in your home office? One of the biggest obstacles when trying to stay motivated is a dark, cluttered space that I feel cramped and uncomfortable in. Each day I've been trying to clean up one corner of my room, and tidying up my desk has been a part of that.

I was approached by AnthroDesk, a local Toronto-based company to spruce up my workspace with one of their LED desk lamps. My former Costco lamp worked just fine, but the tulip-style neck on it tended to shine light into my eyes, not evenly over my desk. It works wonderfully for crafting, so I moved it to my beading desk.

AnthroDesk LED Desk Lamp Amazon

This amazing LED Desk Lamp, also sold on Amazon, is super sleek and fits comfortably on my desk without taking up too much space. The light throw is so wide and I love how adjustable it is. I'm excited to use the lamp for filming since I think it'll allow me to adjust lighting colour and brightness so easily.

AnthroDesk LED Desk Lamp Review

Although it is a bit pricier ($50) than the one I used to use from Costco, I find the different light settings (you can adjust the brightness) with 3 colour tones (white, yellow and combo) make a world of a difference (not to mention how it looks really awesome with my new computer too!)

Touch-sensitive controls
Touch-sensitive controls are sleek and easy to use

I'm also quite pleased about how the LED Desk Lamp can charge my USB devices. Whether it's my wireless keyboard, mouse, phone or headphones, something always needs a charge and it helps having such a convenient port on my desk to plug into. The only downside would be the fact that this doesn't take regular light bulbs, but since LED bulbs are so energy-efficient and can have a 50,000 hour life span, you should be just fine. The brand also sells adjustable/standing desks, lap desks and tech-y desk accessories that will surely make your life easier. Check 'em out here.

Happy WFH!
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