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Monday, October 14, 2019

SEB MAN THE MULTI-TASKER Review | 3-in-1 Beard, Hair & Body Wash


I'm always intrigued by which toiletries my boyfriend Joseph gravitates towards, because he has such a simple routine that results in pretty flawless skin and hair. I think most of that is thanks to genetics, but I'm still intrigued nonetheless. This product, the "Multitasker" from SEB MAN is something that he can't get enough of, and it's easy to understand why. It's truly an all-in-one!


A multi-beneficial product formulated to clean hair, beard and body. Made with guarana extract, the gel lathers up easily and cleans skin, hair and face thoroughly without stripping or drying. The stimulating scent of bergamot and pink pepper provides a vibrant freshness. It is masculine and invigorating, a scent that stands out for modern men. Suitable for all hair and skin types. There is also a conditioner available here. The SEB MAN collection offers a line of hassle-free haircare, styling, and grooming products made for classy guys on the go. I need to buy the 1L bottle of Multi-Tasker next, Joseph can't go without it!

You can buy this Multi-Tasker product on Ulta, Amazon or through retailers provided here.

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