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Wednesday, September 12, 2018

The Best Drugstore Suncreen | Ombrelle, Aveeno, Bioderma, Hawaiin Tropic

Drugstore Sunscreen

Though it is mid-September, the sun hasn't gone away yet. This weekend in Toronto will be in the mid-twenties, so I'll be showing some skin and soaking up the final rays of Summer 2018. That being said, I always try to wear sunscreen when I'm outside for more than 20-30 minutes to avoid sun damage. I don't work as a lifeguard anymore, so I go through sunscreen really slowly. I think the options at the drugstore have greatly improved over the past couple of years, so here are my very top picks.

Best inexpensive sunscreen
Bioderma Compact Tinted Sunscreen, Ombrelle Tinted Sunscreen, Aveeno Sunscreen

Top Drugstore Sunscreens:

1. Aveeno Active Naturals Sensitive Skin SPF 50 Mineral Sunscreen

This 100% zinc oxide sunscreen continues to amaze me each time I apply nice big dollops to my face and body. My #1 beach essential, this is the perfect skin saviour for when you're dealing with possibly irritated and dry skin due to salt water, sun, dehydration, maybe some mojitos, you name it. I can't get over just how hydrating and soothing this cream is on the face and neck. Not to mention how it's sweat and water resistant for 80 minutes, I can't recommend this mineral-based screen enough. Regarding the white colour, that dissipates quickly for me, so no worries there.

2. BIODERMA Photoderm Compact 50+ Mineral Compact Very High Protection Sensitive Skin

This compact tinted sunscreen looks like a foundation and applies very sheer on the skin. I love the lightweight nature and the fact that you can continue to layer it on throughout the day, while still maintaining a healthy complexion (with a bit of evening tint). This shade is pink-toned, and I believe it only comes in one shade. This texture is considerably greasy, and I wouldn't recommend putting much other makeup on top. It's perfect for a beach vacation as well.

3. BIODERMA Photoderm After-Sun Intense Soothing Mist with Cellular Bioprodtection

So this is NOT sunscreen, it's actually an after-sun spray! This magical mist is for sensitive, overheated skin. It is immediately cooling, moisturizes dry skin and prolongs a tan. I love BIODERMA skincare in general so this body spray is another beach bag essential for when your nap runs a bit too long midday.

Hawaiin Tropic Aerosol Sunscreen

4. Hawaiin Tropic Island Sport Ultra Light High Performance Sunscreen SPF 15 and 30

Okay, aerosols are horrible for the environment and probably even worse for our lungs. But this lightweight spray is freaking awesome. It is completely clear, has a fresh scent that dissipates quickly, goes on super smooth - not oily, too wet or drying, and seriously protects from the sun. I adore the ease-of-use. I buy the SPF 30 and Joseph always uses it on the back of his neck and on arms/legs for biking and outdoor activities.

Ombrelle Sunscreen

Ombrelle is a leader in suncare, though I always put them into the bucket of "boring products" since the packaging and formulas haven’t wow-ed me... until now!

Ombrelle Sunscreen Tinted

5. GARNIER Ombrelle Ultra Light Advanced Tinted Mineral SPF 60 

Wow, I can't believe how amazing this tinted sunscreen looks and feels on my face. It's a miracle! It doesn't even compare to the Clarins tinted sunscreen I tested here which didn't melt into the skin nearly as nice as with this one from Ombrelle. I love how it is also non-comedogenic (yay! combo skin here!), water-resistant for 80 minutes, fragrance free, hypoallergenic, and non-sticky. Ombrelle's SPF 60 is ideal as part of your morning routine, especially when the sun is shining. The sun filter you receive while using this sunscreen is of 100% natural origin, and this tinted formula enhances your natural skin tone, while providing a radiant finish. It layers so well under makeup (I wore it here), it does not compromise the finish of foundation, and it did not make my face look extra oily. I like to apply the product with a foundation brush for an even finish and clean fingers. It literally disappears when you're applying, leaving only a trace of a more even, radiant complexion. Would highly recommend. 

tinted face sunscreen

6. GARNIER Ombrelle Ultra Fluid SPF 60

This tint-free sunscreen is perfect for those who need a weightless veil of protection for everyday wear. The liquid is easy to apply and feels like silk. I love how the formula contains vitamin E and is very gentle/non-clogging on my sensitive skin. I don't find there to be a noticeable white cast once the product has soaked in, so it truly is ideal for wearing under makeup. The formula is also fragrance and colorant free, non-greasy and non-sticky. Jasmine from The Happy Sloths reviewed the Garnier Ombrelle Ultra-Fluid Lotion in SPF 30 & SPF 60 here if you want to see swatches of it!

Ombrelle Face Sunscreen Review

Which sunscreen is your go-to?

Stay sun-safe out there!


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