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Monday, August 20, 2018

Dove Exfoliating Body Polish | Pomegranate Seeds and Shea Butter

dove body polish

Dove doesn't always come top of mind when I'm shopping for pamper products, but they are definitely a go-to brand for affordable body washes and soap bars when I want something that's gentle on the skin. Their new collection of "Body Polish" exfoliating scrubs are unique and very lovely overall. I received mine via the Topbox Circle review club and haven't stopped using it due to the expensive-feeling experience, luckily available to everyone of all budgets.

There are 3 kinds available: 

I tried a sample of the macadamia one too, it's amazing! I got compliments on how nice I smelled afterwards. They're all very unique, and it's not like the scents are the only thing that changes from one variety to the next.

drugstore body scrub

I love this scrub since it has two different sizes of granules: the tiny sand bits and softer seeds which work together to give you an even skin texture. My favourite part (one of many) is that it doubles as both an exfoliating body wash and a light moisturizer. The scrub isn’t oily and will get slightly sudsy to clean your skin. I dislike most sugar/salt scrubs for their excessive oil content, which sometimes irritates my combo skin. This one is easy to wash out of the bath too. Probably not a recommended method, but I've even used it as a shave cream since it exfoliates so well and can act as the slip agent between my skin and the razor.

dove body scrub

Be sure to follow up with a moisturizer if you have very dry skin, and note that you can use Dove's Body Polish on sensitive skin since the granules aren’t too harsh or sharp. Note that there may be some sand left in your washcloth if you prefer to apply with one. I can't wait to use my Body Polish in the shower tonight since I'll be getting a spray tan tomorrow!

Happy scrubbing,
Sample received for my honest review via Topbox Circle

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