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Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Brew Authentic Italian Espresso at Home | Caffitaly Ambra S18 Coffee Machine Review


As I'm writing this, my mocaccino is releasing a small ribbon of steam, along with the most lovely fragrance that warms my cold, post-TTC-commute heart. Some mornings, the only thing that will get me  is an espresso. I teeter between being a tea or coffee drinker, since a strong black tea gives me such steady energy, but espresso makes my brain run at lightning speed (even after I've stayed up writing a blog post until 2:30 AM. :D)

Caffitaly Ambra Review
Caffitaly Ambra S18 Black Capsules Machine, currently on sale for $79.99 at Linen Chest.

Now I'm not recommending 5 hours of sleep, though I can function on it occasionally, but I am recommending Caffitaly as the most cost-effective and high-quality single-serve espresso machine on the market.

Coffee Pod Storage

Nespresso is having a serious moment, but I want to alert you to an interesting fact- Nespresso is owned by Nestle. Nestle also owns Nescafe, Dolce Gusto, Mountain Blend and Taster's Choice - low-end coffee available at the grocery store. I don't like being ripped off, so I have trouble dishing out hundreds of dollars to this type of company when I can find genuine Italian espresso, made in Italy, from a brand like Caffitaly. Luckily, Caffitaly also makes Nespresso-compatible pods if you want to try out their coffee in a non-Caffitaly machine.

vintage mugs

Caffitaly is based in Bologna, Italy and their machines and capsules are readily available online here at Linen ChestCentre du Rasoir, and hundreds of other small retailers in Canada. My favourite part about the brand itself is the people behind it - I've met the brand reps multiple times, and they stand so proudly behind the machines and espresso that you can't help but feel uplifted after learning about their offerings.

caffitaly decaf

Each pod is essentially a sealed capsule containing a pre-measured amount of coffee, which you insert into the machine. Hot water is forced at high pressure through the pod, then into a coffee cup. Coffee extraction occurs by passing water at high pressure through an upper filter, uniformly infusing every single coffee grain, then through a bottom filter, resulting in a strong espresso with an intense aroma, covered by a thick, rich cream.

Caffitaly Review

Machine features:

  • Adjustable base to allow for all cup sizes and espresso intensities, limiting splashes
  • Sleek, easy-to-use functionality with only 3 simple steps to brewing your perfect cup within 3 minutes or less
  • Discreet water jug that holds a generous amount of water for espresso brewing, and can be refilled with or without removing from the machine

Coffee Pod Disposal

The Caffitaly Ambra machine is an ideal system for people like me who change their coffee preferences often, since single-use capsules provide a full, fresh aroma each time. The air-tight capsule eliminates the risk of oxidation over time and maintains the aroma and taste of the coffee: it preserves the same characteristics as freshly milled beans. The best coffee blends are selected, and these state-of-the-art machines are set to ensure the right amount of pressure for the best taste and aroma. Your coffee is always perfect, from the first capsule to the last.

coffee varieties

Alongside a vast array of coffee intensities and beans to taste, the Caffitaly product range also includes other delicious drinks such as Lemon Tea, Tea Leaves, Chamomile, Barley, Herbal tea, Hot chocolate and Hot milk.

This tasting kit makes for the perfect first pod purchase to understand what kind of pods you should stock up on for when you're in a morning rush, or entertaining guests with different preferences.

Caffitaly Canada

Any Caffitaly machine would make for a fantastic wedding gift, birthday surprise or shower gift, The Ambra is lightweight, compact and so stylish - a total steak at the low price of $79 CAD.

Caffitaly Pods

For those who like a touch of creamy vanilla flavour, I keep Coffee Mate French Vanilla (powder) beside my machine and add it in to my travel cup before dispensing the warm espresso. It is also lactose-free and has an extremely long shelf life.

Tasting Box

The Caffitaly Tasting Box costs a mere $15 and allows you to try all of the best flavours out there.

caffitaly pods

Boxes of 10 Caffitaly pods start at $6.99. Here are the pod varieties I've tried:

Don't forget to run through a Liquid Decalcifier and Descaling Powder every so often to keep your coffee fresh, and machine working at its full potential.

Coffee Pod Replacements

I'm a huge fan of collecting vintage kitchen trinkets and accessories, so here you'll see a pearlescent shell napkin holder where I keep my coffee strength reference sheet, a cute tea towel to clean up any drips, my favourite bowl made from fish scales which I purchased at a market in Bermuda, a little gold spoon and leaf dish, and a cute glass jar which usually holds some squares of dark chocolate.

at home coffee

sugar jar

How do you make your coffee? If you're trying to cut down on café spending or want a quick espresso fix at home, buy a Caffitally Ambra S18 coffee machine online here. I know you'll love it as much as I do.

Press samples featured.

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