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Friday, May 11, 2018

My Summer Blonde Hair Secret | Sun-In Lightening Spray

SunIn Review

Sun-In Hair Lightener Spray has been around since the 70's, and costs only a few dollars for some serious colour payoff. Having two older sisters and medium-blonde hair, we've stocked bottles of this lightening elixir in our washroom cabinets for as long as I can remember. Sun-In gives you the same natural highlights you get from the sun - only faster! Their advanced conditioning system includes botanical extracts and special illuminators to give hair an extra dose of shine. This spray is alcohol-free, and you don't actually need the sun to get immediate results.

Sun-In before and after

When I was on vacation I used Sun-In after my evening shower, and would activate it with around 10 minutes of warm blowdrying. This is the fastest and easiest way to lighten your hair, even without the help of the sun. Fortunately, this product isn't only for blondes either - it'll brighten blonde to medium-brown hair, bringing out your natural highlights.

Sun-In is heat activated, not just sun-activated. So, you can lighten up your locks with only a few quick sprays and your blow drier. This means that you can use Sun-In all year 'round to keep your colour fresh and shiny.

Here's how I use it:

How to lighten blonde hair naturally

  1. Shampoo and condition hair as usual - do not apply oils or mousse
  2. Towel-dry to remove water. I love using an Aquis towel
  3. Brush out tangles
  4. Spray Sun-In wherever you want some extra brightness. I stick to the top layer, wherever the sun would shine
  5. Blow dry hair on warm for up to 20 minutes to activate the product's lightening capacity
  6. Brush and style as usual. Voilà !

best hair lightening spray

Colour treatments are expensive and really high-maintenance, which is why I've never dyed my hair. I love my blonde, especially since it's always changing tone from season to season. Sun-In gives me the flexibility to add a little oomph to my hair when I get the urge for a quick little pick-me-up that always looks very natural. Try it out for yourself and let me know how it goes.

Sponsored by Sun-In through the PRIMP Network. All opinions are my own.

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