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Saturday, May 12, 2018

Meeting Caroline Hirons, The Plant YYZ, Laine and Lola Pon Pons | Vlog #8

With Dimitra Davidson, founder of Indeed Labs - Toronto-based skincare company

This was such an amazing few weeks. From meeting legendary Lady H (aka Caroline Hirons on YouTube) to fun events with friends, I can't wait to continue enjoying spring and summer.

Toronto cookies
Our sweets table at the Indeed Lab Event

Caroline Hirons
Q-U-E-E-N. Her blog is legendary.

Indeed Labs Instagram
One of the revolutionary moisturizers from Indeed Labs - so far, I LOVE it! Will review soon

The loveliest group of followers from Instagram that came to meet Caroline

@roderunners, @momof6pluspup, @indeedlabs,, @silmat416, @erin_wheatley

Pulled Jackfruit

I also got the chance to try The Plant YYZ's outstanding pulled jackfruit - similar to a pulled pork in texture and flavour, but completely vegan! They popped up at the Pusateri's in Saks Food Hall at the Eaton Centre to serve warm testers of their best-selling plant based dish.

The Plant YYZ

Local, sustainable, convenient and conscious. I love everything about this brand, and you can find The Plant YYZ stocked at Pusateri's.

The Plant YYZ Jackfruit

The sample I tried was on a little bun with local peach chutney on top. It tastes truly delicious. Though this will not have the same protein content as pork, jackfruit is delicious, easy to season, and quite filling.

Jackfruit Toronto

Mel's carefully prepared jars of pulled Jackfruit come in BBQ and Jerk flavours. The tangy BBQ is my favourite, but Jerk is a fantastic alternative if you also like some spice. 

Pulled Pork vegan

I warmed up my jackfruit in the microwave and threw it on a pita for lunch at work. With a bit of avocado, this is the ideal lunch that will be ready in under 5 minutes. You have to go try it out!! Imagine how delicious this would be in vegan tacos... yum.

By buying these products you'll be supporting local growers and helping The Plant YYZ provide nutrient-dense, healthy options to Torontonians. There's nothing better than some local plant-based food.

laine and lola

Finally, dessert. Laine and Lola is a company founded by sisters Elaine and Leslie, who have adopted their grandmother's recipe for classic Filipino Pon Pons to share with all of us. These powdery cookies are akin to shortbread, and melt in your mouth. The texture is divine, and the flavours are delectable.


My favourite is strawberry. It tastes similar to strawberry Poky sticks and I adore the size of these sweets. One is enough to satisfy your sugar craving, so one box can be shared with the whole family!

laine and lola pon pon

Stop by William's Sonoma at Yorkdale mall on Saturday May 12 (11 am - 5 pm) to try Pon Pons for yourself. Elaine will be there giving out samples of her cookies, and selling boxes for ~$15.

pon pons

Your mom will LOVE them.


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