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Sunday, May 6, 2018

Cityline! Yves Rocher Store Opening, PR Events, Atelier Cologne & Come From Away | Vlog #7

Cityline Fashion Friday

I've had an amazing month of April, it has probably been my best one yet! From seeing a Fashion Friday taping of Cityline with Dave Lackie and his Twitter family, to group dinners and store openings, I can't wait for the excitement to continue into May. Here are some highlights, which you can also see live in my vlog below.

Yves Rocher Store

First up was the store re-opening party for Yves Rocher hosted by Anum from SummerxSkin. I loved this event, it allowed me to re-discover a brand that I've used only a handful of times before, and now it has become a staple in my routine.

Yves Rocher Hydra Vegetal

I received a large portion of the Hydra Vegetal line collection, which you'll see below.

Yves Rocher Toronto
I'm enjoying the cleanser from Hydra Vegetal, along with the toner and moisturizer. These will be extra good in the summertime, since they have a light, fresh feel on the skin. Less is more - don't over-use the moisturizer since it can feel sticky.

Yves Rocher Scalp Rinse
This vinegar rinse is super delicious smelling! I think it's a nice product to add into your routine, and it leaves my scalp feeling fresh. I can't say whether it has transformed my scalp yet or not, but I'll report back after more regular use.

Yves Rocher Mascara
This mascara was a free gift with purchase, and I love it! the brush is rubber and quite stiff, but the product is so lengthening and doesn't smudge or flake off.

Yves Rocher Dedodorant
My favourite product from Yves Rocher has to be the deodorant. I have since bought 2 more because they're only $5 each! They're a cream formula and perform so much better than my usual Nivea roll-on. I'd recommend wholeheartedly, especially since the store always has a great promo going on for those with a membership card.

Best Yves Rocher products
The shampoo and shower gels are quite nice as well, the fragrances are lovely and they don't strip my skin.

Maman coffee
Now, to Cityline! Our morning began with incredible pastries and coffee/tea from Maman- a cafe I have always wanted to try in downtown Toronto.

Cityline Audience
I sat between my blogger friends Brianne and Grieta  as we watched the glorious Fashion Friday taping.

Joe Fresh Glasses
One of the best parts of the episode was seeing all the new frames from Joe Fresh. They're beyond chic! Watch the April 20th episode here to see how these ladies had their looks elevated with new glasses.

Tracy Moore

Dave Lackie

Dave and Tracy looking fabulous as always!! Thank you for hosting us.

Atelier Cologne Yorkdale

I visited the new Atelier cologne store at Yorkdale the following weekend to see what it was all about.

Atelier Cologne Canada

We enjoyed chocolate orange macarons and fresh citrus juice while waiting in line for the store to open.

Chocolate Orange Macaron

Atelier Cologne Orange Sanguine

I've loved the Orange Sanguine cologne absolue for years, and the first 50 people in line received one of the 30ml bottles to take home.

Atelier Cologne Leather Case

You will receive a small leather case to put over your 30ml bottle with select purchases in-store. The best part is that they'll emboss it for you with whatever saying you like! I'll post mine in an upcoming review.

Atelier Cologne Perfume

The whole store is simply divine.

Atelier Cologne Yorkdale Mall

Atelier Cologne Toronto Store

Atelier Cologne Gift Wrap

They also have incredible gift wrap, making Atelier Cologne your perfect one-stop-shop for all your gifting needs.

Leather embossing

Getting my leather case embossed!

Come from Away Toronto

Amidst the wild ice storm, my sister and I went to see Come from Away in downtown Toronto. The show was outstanding, truly heartwarming to see the compassion that Canadians expressed in a time of crisis.

Yelp Maezo

My Yelp Elite Toronto group had an awesome exclusive dinner at Maezo on Richmond St.


Maezo Review

Both the food and company were wonderful.

Khau Gully

April was a month filled with delicious Indian food dinners, we went on a family outing to Khau Gully, located in uptown Toronto. It was a bit pricy but the food was outstanding. Service was great and the restaurant was very clean. Would recommend!


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