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Monday, April 9, 2018

New REVLON Makeup Reviews | Products You Can Sweat Through

Revlon Makeup 2018

I have always had a strong affinity to Revlon makeup, ever since my days of ballet recitals feeling mega fab in Super Lustrous red. In 2013 I got an email to join the Revlon Selects program, my first "big break" in the blogging world ;) and I've been a loyal reviewer since then. From their whipped foundation (sadly discontinued) to their iconic Butter Lipstick (one of the first lip products I used up completely!), I always keep their iconic products at my vanity. Hello, Colorstay foundation and Coral Cream Blush. See more of my previous Revlon reviews here: Bold Lacquer mascara, Nail Strips, Shadow Links.

Revlon Colorstay 2018 review

For 2018, Revlon has stepped up their game releasing on-trend makeup with bold, black and white branding. I received a super generous PR package from them and I have liked every single product tested. Some are outshining others, but nearly all have scored permanent spots in my daily routine. I couldn't be happier with these products and you can see most of them applied here:

I loved the Chanel-esque feel of Revlon's gold and black packaging, and still use their Blush with Brush almost daily when I need to touch up at work. This will forever have the softest, most luscious tiny brush in the world. Their new products are up-to-par with the classics, and I have fallen back in love with the brand ever since trying these new pretties.

Revlon Insta-Filter Foundation Review


This foundation is very unique, and applies evenly to my skin. It feels incredibly lightweight, and a little goes a long way for that natural, pretty finish. Ivory is a truly great shade for pale gals, especially since it doesn't oxidize (photos from the end of the night below for proof).

The sponge-tip is a very firm applicator that isn't bouncy like a regular blender. I'd prefer something softer, and a removable sponge for easy sanitizing, but it's still very good for the drugstore price - and even better for travelling. Overall this foundation wears beautifully, doesn't require a primer, doesn't make my combo skin patchy, wears great under the eyes and over eyelids, and stays on ALL. DAY. LONG with the following powder...


I sweep Revlon's Colorstay pressed powder all over my face with the Revlon tapered contour brush, also included in the video tutorial above. This powder set my foundation so well, does not appear powdery and literally diffuses my complexion to near-perfection. The texture is firm dry, in a good way. The powder does not come off too thick and it has a great, neutral colour. It also does not oxidize. The sleek compact is easy for throwing in your bag, and there's a mirror underneath the pan. I absolutely believe that this powder controls shine for up to 16 hours, and I'd rate it #1 at the drugstore right now. The "silky, ultra-fine formula" is non-irritating, won't clog pores, is oil free and paraben free. You must try this powder if you want to be able to sweat through your makeup and have it last.

Revlon Product Swatches

Revlon Insta-Blush Review


The Insta-Blush in nude kiss doubles as blush and bronzer when I need to move quickly. It's a gorgeous, natural shade and has very strong pigmentation. The texture is a bit silicone-y, and I have trouble blending it out. I use a sponge most of the time, I even used the Insta-Filter foundation tip which worked OK. You could use fingers or brush too, but I have to say that the difficulty blending this product makes it my least favourite of the bunch. I much prefer Revlon Cream blush in a pot!

Revlon Colorstay Crème Eye Shadow

COLORSTAY™ CRÈME EYE SHADOW - Shade 730 Praline, 710 Caramel, 715 Espresso

Girl. These are THE BOMB.
Revlon's little pots of cream shadow pigment rival their high-end counterparts. With a cute little brush stashed away in the cap, these shadows are incredibly easy to blend. I love bringing them onto my lower lash line too since there's no powder fallout causing a mess. If you work quickly, any slips can be corrected with some creamy concealer, and the colour will set to a smudge-proof finish once dry. I don't need primer under or powder on top, but either of those would add to the longevity (which can be 15 hrs+ with setting powder).

These three neutral shades will blow you away. The combination of the three make for the most gorgeous daily look - check it out in the video tutorial above. I sometimes use the small shadow brush they come with to blend out the colour, though I do prefer a small shadow brush (like the one below). This cream eyeshadow look will through a full day of work AND a very sweaty exercise class without budging one bit. The texture is so soft and creamy, but not too runny or oily. They will not give you that flaky, crepey dry eye look that most shadows tend to give in the winter since the formula is moisturizing. 10/10

Revlon Shadow Primer


Revlon's eye shadow primer is light, moisturizing, works great for mature or dry skin, and comes in a sleek black tube. I love the classy packaging, and it works well when applied in a very thin coat under powder or cream shadows. Where drugstore alternatives are concerned, I do prefer Milani's primer for it's extremely fast-drying nature and bulletproof finish. Since Milani is mostly sold at Rexall, I'm happy to report that Revlon is available at every major drugstore and some grocery stores.

COLORSTAY BROW KIT™ - Shade soft brown

I was nervous to try this brow kit because I thought soft brown would still be too dark. Guys, I was so pleasantly surprised! I start off by brushing my brows up using the spoolie, and then apply the very fine, silky clear wax to position my brows in place. I like to use it under powder as a primer, but you could also mix the wax and powder for a pomade-type product.

 The powder itself is a great warm brown tone that is not too pigmented, and has a very hard texture that doesn't kick up any messy excess. The little brushes included are truly outstanding, so dense and well-made. I would love a little mirror in this compact to make it even more travel-friendly, but that's my only gripe. It's great!

Revlon Color Correcting Pen


I received this color correcting pen in a giveaway hosted by the beautiful Liv Judd, and I've been loving it over the past few weeks. The shade is quite dark and intensely pigmented, displayed in the swatches above. The moisturizing texture is not drying and blends out evenly. The corrector layers well under foundation and concealer, so I'd recommend it for most skin tones.


Revlon's fibre mascara called "Mega Multiplier" has a great cone-shaped brush and works well to lengthen and beef up my lashes. It wears well, doesn't flake a lot and comes off easily. It isn't my HG mascara, but works well if you're into fibre-packed formulas.

Revlon Exactify Roller Liner


Hands down, the most exciting launch from Revlon is this Exactify "Pizza Roller" wheel-tip liquid liner that a few other brands have released as well (MAC? Smashbox?). Here are some brief tips and remarks, which are elaborated on in my vid:

  • Must shake the liner well before opening
  • Be gentle, don’t press too hard
  • The colour could split and peel once dry! Upon application, don't pull your skin too taught or try to blend the liner since it'll dry to a lacquer finish - feeling a bit like eyelash glue
  • The bronzy plum colour called Mulberry is simply divine, I will continue to use it regularly - great alternative to my essence lip/eye liner! LOL
  • You can go over the line a good few times since it doesn't usually apply very dark
  • The applicator is a soft plastic and probably won't dry out quick - reminds me a lot of the texture of  the silicone eyeliner "brush" from Real Techniques
  • No added effort, application is very smooth and comfortable, no tugging or dragging
  • (Unofficial) waterproof finish, stands up very well to natural oils and moisture on the skin

Revlon Makeup Brushes Review


I first tried one of Revlon's powder brushes a few years back, and the bristles sadly kept falling out. They were very rough in texture and the black dye washed right out when I did a quick cleanse. I was thrilled to see some new shapes in their lineup and tried the pointed face contour brush along with the shadow blender. Newsflash: I LIKE THEM! I really like them, in fact. I believe these are synthetic? But they have great texture to them. Not silky soft, but I  prefer that since textured bristles pick up powder and blend it out seamlessly. This tapered tulip shape is perfect for applying face powder under eyes, around nose, at the sides of forehead, around the chin, on apples of the cheeks, under cheekbones. It can be taken into powdered bronzer and blush like a dream. I used this brush to apply some of my ELF contour and blush duo in my tutorial to set the Insta-Blush.


This adorable rounded shadow brush blended out my eye shadow primer and cream shadows flawlessly. It makes the creams look a total dream, and so natural. Though Revlon brushes are very lightweight and the plastic handles are not super high-end, they're easy to hold and travel with. The design is cool, with black and metallic red, which is easily distinguishable. I think they're great for everyone of all ages.


Honestly, what haven't they thought of? These light-up tweezers make precise jobs that much easier with a battery-powered LED light and a sleek gold design. The edges are decently sharp, but nothing compared to my Tweezermans. Sorry! If you want a more affordable option than those, this Gold Series tool will work well.

Revlon Kiss Plumping Lip Crème Review


Gone are the days of lip plumpers that make your mouth numb! I am obsessed with Apricot Silk Plumping lip creme as a moisturizing balm that comes in the daintiest, most chic tube (feels very K-Beauty inspired). It is a near-perfect dupe of the Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfectors, which cost 3x as much (this runs for $10 on sale!) and it comes in a vast array of shades. I find that these lip crèmes are an even better alternative to NYX butter gloss, which can get too gloopy. Again, the taste is not tingly, just a touch minty and sweet - not strong or over powering.


This nostalgic duo lipstick and gloss is very reminiscent of classic long-wear drugstore liquid lipstick that was a hit far before this matte lip trend. Surprisingly, I really like the texture of Revlon's Overtime Lip Colour, and I'm not one to wear liquid lippies on a regular basis. This gorgeous nude shade lasts forever, and can be re-awoken with the moisturizing topcoat or my plumping lip crème to liven up the colour and texture if it starts to move around and/or dry up.

All you need to do is apply colour to clean, exfoliated lips and wait until dry. Brush on chamomile-enriched top coat and remove with cream or oil-based makeup cleanser at the end of the day. The 16 hours of comfortable colour claim is true, no touch-ups are needed, not even after meals.

Full face of Revlon makeup
See this full face look applied in the video above!

My last full-face makeup look using a bunch of Revlon was totally cringe-worthy, but still fun and  quite accurate (minus the green) for how I did my makeup a few years ago. Not much has changed, but I can confidently say that Revlon continues to wow me and create the perfect products for busy ladies who need to look professional, put-together and fresh all day long. Check them out at your local drugstore!

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