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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

NEW Wet n Wild Spring 2018 Collection | Review & Swatches

wet n wild color icon palette

It should come as no surprise that I adore Wet n Wild makeup. I've been reviewing their products for years, and each collection is better than the last. Read on to see their brand new releases for Spring 2018 which have just hit shelves in Canada. Look out for these Wet n Wild goodies at Superstore, Walmart, and Rexall.

wet n wild brow pencil
Wet n Wild Retractable Brow Pencil Swatches L to R: Taupe. Ash Brown, Medium Brown

My most-used product from the collection is the Retractable Brow Pencil in the shade Ash Brown. I was lucky enough to try 3 of the 4 shades, and they're swatched above. Taupe is an amazing cool-toned shade for blondes/greys, Ash Brown suits my dark blonde hair perfectly (Taupe is too dusty) and I could also pass using Medium Brown, but it usually starts to look too intense.

NEW Comfort Zone Palette

I don't have many backups of iconic products in my stash, but this one will never leave my sight. Wet n Wild's Comfort Zone 8-pan palette won Best Drugstore Eyeshadow on my blog back in 2014, and my sentiment has not wavered since. Nothing quite compares to the intense pigmentation, flawless blendability and unique shade range of the Color Icon palettes. This is the only re-promote where their Color Icon palettes are concerned, and I'm thrilled with all of their new choices too.

Confort Zone New vs Old
Wet n Wild 8-pan vs 10-pan Color Icon Eyeshadow Palette: Comfort Zone old vs new Swatches

It's interesting to see that there's a total split between the two palettes - they're definitely not the same. First off, I do like the new compact shape and layout, especially since each of the 4 palettes includes matte transition shades (with impeccable pigmentation, no doubt). The old Comfort Zone has better pigmentation on the first 4 shades swatched, which are the warmer tones. The new Comfort Zone has improved colour payoff for the final four shades, which are cooler and green-toned. I like them both and would choose the new one based on its additional two shades. Mmmm, burnt orange.

new color icon eyeshadow palettes

Not a Basic Peach Swatches
Wet n Wild Color Icon Palette Not a Basic Peach Swatches

I was so excited to try their Not a Basic Peach palette since I have nothing like it in my collection. Pigmentation on this one is truly outstanding, except for the blue - which I don't mind. I can't wait to bring it with me to Cuba in March to continue playing with these vibrant shadows. See one of my recent everyday looks below using this palette.

Buy: Wet n Wild Not a Basic Peach 10-Pan Palette $4.99

wet n wild nude awakening palette
Wet n Wild Color Icon 10-Pan Palette in Nude Awakening - Swatches

Another total showstopper is the brand new 10-pan Color Icon Palette in Nude Awakening. It's a tough call, but if I could only have one of the four, I think this would be it. What a striking contrast between dark and light, with some carbon-black hues that can double as liner, and floaty highlights that you could dust all over the face. I'm all about a bright copper eye now-a-days, so this is a winner in my makeup bag.

 Wet n Wild Nude Awakening 10-Pan Palette $4.99

Wet n Wild Rosé in the Air modern renaissance dupe
Wet n Wild 10-pan Color Icon Palette in Roseé in the Air - Swatches

Already famous as a near-perfect Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance palette dupe, Rosé in the Air is a flawless palette, filled with striking warm-toned shadows. If you like punchy eye makeup or just want to warm up your complexion, buy this palette and go wild. You won't regret it.

Buy: Wet n Wild Rosé in the Air 10-Pan Palette $4.99

Drugstore Setting Spray

I'm not one to go crazy over liquid highlights, so I can't compare Hello Halo Highlight to much else. What I can say is that this little glass bottle feels extremely luxe. The product is applied with a giant doe-foot wand, and the colour is magical. Scroll down for a swatch - it's like a sweet magical unicorn mixed with clouds, and holographic confetti.

The Matte Finish Setting Spray is a lovely alternative for those who may not prefer using powder to set their makeup. I haven't tried this more than once so it's hard to give a definitive answer for how it works on my skin, but I will report back. Reviews online are very positive.

wet n wild single eyeshadow nutty brulee

Ever since the beginning days of YouTube back in 2008, I've heard about the elusive Wet n Wild Brûlée and Nutty Color Icon Single Shadows from every American beauty guru under the sun. Perfect dupes for MAC Satin Taupe and Brulé (creative name choice) Nutty is your ideal 1-shadow-look providing an intriguing depth over the lid, and Brûlée is famously known to set under-eye concealer like a dream, or provide the perfect canvas for blending more intense shadows over top. See swatches below!

Buy: Color Icon Eyeshadow Single $0.99 (you saw that right... $1 Bob!)

wet n wild powder highlight

Oh, the powder highlights. Be still my heart. These shimmery powders are incredible. I won't buy an expensive one because I feel completely spoiled with these three alone. I first received Precious Petal last year, and recently expanded my collection by two more. Blossom Glow is my current go-to, and I'll use all of them on my lids as an inner-corner/brow-bone pop, or all-over the lid if I'm in a rush.

Buy: Wet n Wild MegaGlo Highlighting Powder $4.99

Wet n Wild High-End Dupes
Lay Down the Mauves
 Gel Lip Liner in Lay Down the Mauves 

Another favourite from the new collection are the Perfect Pout Gel Lip Liners. I've been both as long-wear lipsticks all over, and topping with a balm or gloss. The shades are so potent and the texture is smooth, hydrating and very easy to apply. I've been using Never Petal Down for a pretty berry pink, and Lay Down the Mauves for an amazing dark nude.

Buy: Perfect Pout Gel Lip Liner $2.99

Wet n Wild Cushion Review

Cushion makeup has been a thing for a few years now, and I reviewed iconic Korean brand AmorePacific in 2015, and haven't indulged in any more since. These 5 unique MegaCushions from Wet n Wild are a super cute take on the Korean trend, and thankfully, work great. It's so hard to make an effective correcting product, and I've had some really good luck with these. I find that they work best when applied with a damp sponge, I tossed the ones they come with and use a mini Real Techniques blender which I reviewed here. I don't use the lavender shade, so you can see the 4 I do use above. I used all of these correctors in my makeup look below. I'm going to film a 1-brand tutorial using all Wet n Wild soon, so keep an eye out for that.

Buy: MegaCushion Color Corrector $5.99 (green, yellow, peach, lavender)

Here are some snaps of recent makeup looks I did incorporating these products:

wet n wild review
Makeup look using Wet n Wild's Not a Basic Peach 10-Pan Color Icon Palette

Wet n Wild makeup look
Makeup look using Wet n Wild's Comfort Zone 8-Pan palette (old)

I used a ton of these products in a makeup video recently as well, which you can watch here.

Wet n Wild has an online shop which does ship to Canada. It appears that prices are in USD, so expect the exchange rate and shipping fees. Regardless, all of these products mentioned are still extremely worthwhile, so keep an eye out in-store.

Which products will you pick up from this collection?

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