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Monday, March 6, 2017

Paula's Choice Brightening Essence and Radiance Renewal Mask

Brightening Essence

There isn't much that I'll buy in USD due to the wild exchange rate, but Paula's Choice (by no surprise) is one exception.

Radiance Renewal Mask

I'm so excited that K Beauty trends are still all the rage, since the "10-step skincare routine" makes me feel way better about the volume of products I keep in my cabinets. I remember trying a Korean essence for the very first time, after receiving it as a sample with my Skin79 Hot Pink BB Cream. Ever since patting that magical watery elixir into my skin, very few products have provided a similar fresh, dewy feel.

RESIST Brightening Essence ($42 USD)*

This liquidy essence is much like a serum, giving your skin a daily dose of potent ingredients to take your routine to the next level. Packed with Vitamin C, plant extracts and arbutin - a type of hydroquinone - this essence provides a fair bit of moisture and prevents the formation of melanin. You can thus expect to see a new radiance in your revitalized complexion, with less dark spots forming over time. I've been using this essence every night, and I've noticed that breakouts heal a lot quicker and my skin tone is noticeably more even.
RADIANCE Renewal Mask

RADIANCE Renewal Mask ($36 USD)*

For evenings when I'm tired af, I love a good all-in-one moisture mask to throw on (with my eyes closed) and wash off in the morning. This one from the RADIANCE line is unique in a sense that it feels like a thick, almost rubbery layer - much like some authentic Korean "sleeping packs". I don't, however, like how sticky it feels - especially right when my face hits my pillow. That being said, it will give you a gloriously rested and plump look with the added benefits of brightening niacinamide, uva-ursi leaf and arbutin (hydroquinone).

LIP & BODY Treatment Balm

LIP & BODY Treatment Balm ($15 USD)

This balm is stiff, uncoloured, and unscented. In my books, it's perfect. I use it on my lips right before bed since it stays on alll night long. With the combination of oils, waxes, butters and petrolatum, it provides targeted relief for dry lips, cuticles, heels, and elbows.

RESIST Hyaluronic Acid Booster ($46 USD - this is travel size)

Similar to the Eden's Semilla serum reviewed here, this hyaluronic acid booster is a thick, supercharged serum that can be used alone or mixed into your existing moisturizer. Whenever I have exceptionally dry patches and flaky skin, I'll exfoliate then use this serum to calm redness, and plump things up before nighttime moisturizer, or makeup. It feels cool and fresh at first, then dries down to an almost matte finish after being fully absorbed by the skin.

RESIST Skin Revealing Body Lotion with 10% AHA ($28 USD)

I was skeptical about using a body exfoliant for quite some time, since I thought that my dry, irritated skin (especially after shaving) was just a thing I'd have to live with. After reading many good reviews online, I decided to splurge on the CLEAR 2% Salicylic body spray along with this 10% AHA lotion to see if they could whip my skin into shape. Ladies and gentlemen, the routine works. I was randomly thinking about how great my legs looked the other day, and now it all makes sense. Ingrown hairs and rough dry skin will be a thing of the past if you use this moisturizer (and body toner) religiously.

MOISTURE BOOST Hydrating Treatment Cream ($29 USD)

Plant oils (jojoba), vitamin E, and natural emollients restore supple ultimately smooth skin. Antioxidants and soothing ingredients help skin look and feel younger. Glides on with a skin enriching luxurious feel for the face and eye area. 

The Skin Recovery Replenishing Moisturizer ($29, reviewed here) is my favourite under eye cream on earth. So when I saw that there was an even more hydrating sister cream brought into the Moisture Boost line, I had to pick it up. Though I haven't used it long enough to truly test how it differs from Skin Recovery, I know that my skin is so comfortable and calm when I use this "treatment" on dry skin. I also have to mention that these thin, ergonomic tubes are so easy to use and fit beautifully into tight storage solutions.

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*Press samples featured

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