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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Gorgeous on the Go Makeup Collection & Hello Gorgeous Magnifying Mirror

On the Go Makeup

I am a total freebies gal.
Spend a certain amount to get a freebie? I'm in.
Stand in line to get a freebie? Sign me up.
Shove a bunch of coupons into my wallet to save 50 cents here and there? You bet.

Paula's Choice products are expensive, but their discounts are amazing. I'll put off my shopping trip until a worthwhile coupon code comes along, because 20% off (plus Ebates!) and a free gift makes stocking up on skincare so much more exciting.

Paula's Choice Makeup

Gorgeous on the Go Makeup Collection ($45 USD)

With my most recent PC order reviewed here, I scored a few awesome free gifts - this makeup set included! Right off the bat, Paula's Choice packaging is almost always exceptional. I love the size and format of this palette. It's convenient, there's no wasted space, and you get a lot of product. The pigmentation is rich, and I was initially even thinking that the shadows and blush were too dark. But after wearing both a natural and a more intense look, I was amazed. It's so versatile! I especially liked using the dark brown shadow as an eyeliner - mix with a drop of MAC fix+, and you have a classy warm brown liner, featured in my look below.

Gorgeous on the Go Swatches

This lip gloss on the other hand is a bit too sticky and sparkly. Great packaging and a lovely versatile colour, but the smell is artificial (almost plastic-y) and the thick texture isn't for me. The box that these two products came in was also stunning - a big silver box with velvet interior.

Paula's Choice Review
Evening look using gloss, cheek products and all 4 shadows: light white over the lid, warm taupe in the crease, caramel colour in the centre of the lid and on the lower lashline, dark brown used as a eyeliner mixed with Fix+

Hello Gorgeous Dual Magnifying Mirror

Hello Gorgeous Dual Magnifying Mirror ($15 USD)

This beautiful magnifying mirror, another freebie with purchase, is weighty, high quality and very pretty. I prefer a smaller mirror for on-the-go, but this will be great for creating a pop-up vanity on vacation. The magnification is unreal! It would be EXTRA cool if there were little lights :o

See, sometimes it's really worth it to shop online. Hopefully this exchange rate won't get even worse... *crosses fingers*

Paula's Choice Coupon Code

Paula's Choice Samples
As always, Paula's Choice has the best
samples and trial size products to test out 
one of their best-sellers. I recently purchased 
the 1% Retinol Treatment and the
Hyaluronic Acid booster - both of which are
fabulous additions to your anti-aging 
routine to reduce fine lines and plump up 
tired skin.

See my other Paula's Choice reviews here.

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You're welcome in advance ;)


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