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Thursday, November 17, 2016

Esqido Eyelashes | Little Black Lash Review

Esquido Review

Esqido just opened up shop in Holt Renfrew, and though I couldn't make it to the opening event I was kindly gifted a set of their Little Black Lash EL101 ($30 USD) for review. Esqido is a Toronto-based false eyelash company started in 2013. Made from mink hair and cotton bands, the lashes range from simple to extravagant. Their branding is incredible, with snakeskin-printed boxes and rose gold accents.

Little Black Lash Review

Picking out my pair of lashes was so fun. They have a quiz to determine which lash style fits you best. The volume rating for the Little Black Lash is 2/5, and the lashes themselves are made in China. I was surprised by how easily the lash hairs fall off given the thick band, as there was even a noticeable gap in the strip before I tried them on for the first time (photo above). With proper care, these lashes would last 3-4 wears for me.

Esqido before after

These lashes provided a striking, natural look. Compared to my tried and true Ardell, I'll admit that the quality isn't fully there given the higher price. The cotton lash band felt incredibly thick, to the point where it was poking me when I cut it down on an angle. The lashes don't bend very well on my round eyes, so they would likely fit better on almond-shaped eyes.

Esquido eye lashes

The Companion Eyelash Glue ($10 USD) comes in a convenient tube with a fine brush applicator. The glue stays on well, as it definitely took some scrubbing to get that swatch off in the photo below. It is a thin formula that goes on white and dries clear. It isn't goopy like the Duo glue, which could be good or bad depending on your taste. I prefer a slightly thicker formula since I'm still a false lash noob, and I find that the thicker glues are more forgiving. 

Esquido Eyelash Glue

Some mixed feelings here for Esqido, though I know the brand has some very loyal fans. They have a unique rewards and referral program, along with benefits for wholesalers and makeup artists which you can learn about here. What's your favourite eyelash brand?

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