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Friday, August 15, 2014

10 Things I'd Tell My Teenage Self

Even though my teenage years aren't far behind, I've been compiling a list of some simple lessons I've learned over the years that have somehow changed my outlook. It's important not to regret situations, but simply reflect on mistakes or downfalls and figure out how to avoid similar situations in the future. I've reached a point in my life where I'm able to take a step back, appreciate what I have, forget about what I can't change, and feel proud about where I am now. Its easy for negativity to take over positivity, but I've quickly come to realize the importance in making the effort to view people and situations in a more positive light.

1. Listen

People love to be listened to. You're also going to be taken more seriously if you show genuine care and respect for what other people have to say. Its definitely true that sometimes shutting up is much more powerful than speaking up.

2. Be proud of who you are, and what you do

Never be afraid to tell people what you're up to. That is, of course, without unnecessary exaggeration. If you find that you feel ashamed of your current situation, do as much as you can to start something new, and avoid doing the things that you wouldn't want to talk about. It's incredible how much easier life will when you stand behind who you are, what you're doing, and how you got there.

3. Excessive gossip is the biggest sign of insecurity

We all do it, and we all have our own insecurities. The important part is how much. I'm always so amazed by people who very rarely gossip because they're usually such strong, confident people who just don't need that "fulfillment" in their life. It's so easy to be mean, and it may feel fun, but in the end, it really isn't benefitting anyone at all. Peace on earth, friends.

4. Don't lie, or just get really good at it

That second part is a bit of a joke. Lying can be such a deep dark trap that usually ends in a stupid, unnecessary situation. If you're ever on the fence about telling the truth or not, I'd really recommend braving the consequences and fessing up because you are who you are, and I definitely believe in Karma. If you're a compulsive liar and manage to curb the habit, I'm sure you'll be amazed at how little stress and anxiety you'll feel.

5. Be 5 minutes early, always

I have a few friends that are, and a few that aren't. I'm sadly part of the latter group. But that's O.K! It isn't a huge problem and I'm well aware of it. It's part of my busy nature, having to want to do more, say more, hear more, then before you know it, I'm late! Oooopsie. Funny enough though, the French very rarely arrive early. That's just rude! Being late in this land of cheese and baguettes is a real "c'est la vie" moment, no one really cares. In fact, for a dinner party, the expectation is that you arrive 15 minutes after the time on the invitation. I don't believe this attitude flies in Canada, malheureusement.

6. Do little things for yourself 

Put on a face mask, curl up and watch a movie, eat that extra piece of chocolate. Whatever it takes to make yourself feel good, do it. But only when necessary, because then it won't have the same impact. Also, don't dress up for someone else, do it for yourself! Put on your favourite outfit because your attitude, confidence and energy make far more of an impact than your appearance.

7. Ask Questions

You never know till you ask. Questions can open so many doors, and it never hurts to be the one interested in learning more. It can be intimidating, scary and could take an embarrassing turn, but in the end, asking good questions is one of the most helpful skills ever.

8. Don't try to make people like you

If you spend more time trying to like yourself, then other people will do the exact same. Not everyone, mind you, but the truly important people will. You might even get some more haters because they'll be so damn envious of your confidence and happiness since they aren't on your level of inner peace. Take that.

9.  Laugh at yourself

Well this comes with no explanation, its pretty much the story of my life. Do silly things, laugh at the silly things, put a serious face back on then repeat at the next silly thing.

10. Quit trying to be perfect

I don't know what your idea of perfect is, but I'm definitely never going to achieve mine. And you know what? I'm sooo ok with it. Day to day, I try to be the best version of me that I can. Sure I have a few areas to improve, a few imperfections, some habits I'd like to shake. But that doesn't stop me from taking life one step at a time and taking on each task with an open mind, always trying to do my best and feeling proud of that.

Continue being that wonderful person you are, never undermine your successes and keep striving for that next goal. 

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