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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

HowTo Shave Sensitive Skin

About two years back I stopped shaving my legs consistently, mainly due to laziness. I didn't feel much of a need to in the winter, and I just couldn't be bothered in the warmer months since my hair is quite light. Instead, I would brave the pain with my epilator or visit my (incredible) aesthetician for a wax. Throughout that time, I began to develop more and more ingrowns and irritations (yikes). The need for constant exfoliation was a bit of a drag since nothing seemed to be working.

I decided to start shaving about every other day to see if it would combat both the re-growth ingrowns and lack of sufficient exfoliation. It has been about one month, and let me just say that the process has been rough. I have pretty sensitive skin and it has taken me just about the whole month to stop getting those dreadful cuts and painful razor burn. I've tried many types of shaving gel/cream, razors and methods, finally narrowing it down to these.

Products I use:


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I don't have much experience with razors, but the Schick Hydro Silk works pretty well for me. This is a pricier option, but I replace the blades about once a month so a pack of replacements will last quite long.

Both my dad and sisters swear by The Body Shop's shaving products, especially their Root Relief After Shave. I have yet to try that product, but I've been impressed with the results after using their Maca Root Shave Cream for the past few weeks. This product definitely has a manly scent, which I really don't mind. It works just as well, if not better, than those annoying compressed gels and contains much more product. See the next product for a more feminine option. 

And L'Occitane strikes again. This is my second deluxe sample of L'Occitane's amazingly fragranced Almond Shower Oil. The consistency of this product is very thin, like olive oil, but works into a rich lather when applied onto damp skin. I barely need a palm full to cover both legs, which totally justifies the price. Without a doubt, I'll be investing in the full-size on my 1.5 month long adventure to France at the end of July.

I first purchased the Inhibitif Body Serum last September, just after its Canadian release. This  "highly-concentrated body serum combines proven actives that help reduce the apparent prominence and density of body hair over time until it becomes nearly invisible" and it is made in Canada. After a few uses, I decided to put it away until spring since the process was far too tedious for the winter. Fast forward 6 months when I take my spray bottle out of hiding, and find that the colour and scent has completely changed... Weird. I contacted the company about the issue and they offered to send me one of their newly formulated serums. First of all, this stuff smells like the LUSH store! Particularly the little one at The Eaton's Centre, which is quite a pungent (but pleasant) smell. Its an intricate blend of fresh minty floral stuff. You're supposed to apply this serum onto clean legs twice per day, then reducing application to once per day after 2 months of use. This new body serum has no colour, no sticky feel, doesn't clog pores, and has a 36 month lifetime. The price is still quite steep but I have faith that I'll see some decent results.

I haven't used my Paula's Choice AHA Gel enough to speak about its effectiveness, but I included it since I've seen a significant amount of hype around using a glycolic acid to reduce ingrown hairs or other shaving issues. I've reacted poorly to exfoliating acids in the past, but Paula's Choice products are formulated for sensitive skin and work wonders on me. Time will tell for this one!

Finally, Eucerin. If you have any kind of dry skin irritation, this is a great moisturizer option. It is truly calming and provides a great dose of moisture. To sooth redness in particular, aloe vera gel is also one of my go-to's. We have aloe in both plant and refined gel form, which are perfectly suited to sooth all kinds of burns and irritations.

Although this process is still a work in progress, I can definitely see myself continuing with the shave before resorting to some kind of laser or wax. Are we in the same boat?

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