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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

HowTo Achieve Natural Looking Eyebrows

Properly shaped and groomed eyebrows are much more important than we might think. At one point in time, everyone has probably been a culprit of either over-plucking or over-filling their brows. Whatever the case may be, the result is never pretty. 

First off, I would recommend visiting a professional to have unruly brows shaped properly. It is truly an art and doesn't come down to just plucking away the strays. Believe me. The end result will blow you away. I go to the most lovely lady named Feri, who specializes in both threading and waxing. Threading is perfect for brows since the thread pulls on the hairs themselves, not the skin. Unlike with waxing, the skin will stay taut and won't be prone to stretching and wrinkling.

I'm fortunate to have pretty full brows, so I don't have much filling-in to do. If you have sparse brows, I'd definitely recommend using a pencil as opposed to a powder. The result will be much more natural since you'll have to draw in actual hairs to fill the voids. This pencil from Anastasia is supposed to be the absolute best. 

Using a small angled brush, pick up just a bit of matte powder in similar colour to your hair. I use the brow powder from The Body Shop in brown/brunette.

Apply the powder in short strokes, always towards the outside of the face.
I start at the front of the brow, holding my brush vertically since it is the perfect width.  This is the most sparse area I have to fill... Thanks to my pluck-happy 13-year-old self that didn't realize the brows BEGIN at the inner corner of the eye... not 1cm in.

Continue to pick up a very small amount of powder on your brush and fill in the periphery of the brows to create a defined shape. Apply powder under the arch, over the arch, towards the outer tail and right at the front square.

*Note: Don't stay super close to a mirror when filling in your brows. Leave at least one foot in between to avoid being too heavy handed.

Once you are content with the shape and opaqueness of your brows, use a spooly brush to blend out the powder and create a softened, realistic appearance. Brows are not supposed to be perfectly squared off at the front- make sure the lines are soft.

If your brow hairs are pretty long, use the clear mascara from Maybelline to set them in place.

The next step is highlighting. Use a light and shimmery powder or creme to sweep under the brows and on the tops of your cheekbones. Also, if you want a very sharp edge, use a small synthetic brush and some concealer, just a touch lighter than your complexion, to lightly line under the bottom arch.

If you're in the North York area, be sure to visit Feri at the Added Beauty Limited salon right at Yonge and Empress. She has very reasonable prices for all salon services and is the sweetest person in the world.

Keept those brows in check!

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