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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Review: Revlon Parfumerie Nail Polish in Bordeaux

"Captivating Colours, Irresistible Scents...A whole new way to experience colours."
 The new and limited edition Revlon Parfumerie Scented Nail Enamels are a cute alternative to a typical bottle of nail polish. They have a very Chanel-esque look with a square bottle and snazzy circular lid. These polishes come in 16 shades/scents and were released in November of 2013. 
I Received the Bordeaux shade, pictured and compared below:
Comparison swatches (no top coat) featuring Revlon Bordeaux, around $7 at Canadian drugstores
I am a huge fan of burgundy polishes, as you can see. Although I much prefer Sally Hansen "Ruby Do", Bordeaux comes in a close second. The scent is very reminiscent of berries, and was explained perfectly in Nouveau Cheap's blog post, image below:
Image via Nouveau Cheap
I've tried Revlon's limited edition scented nail polish in the past, and this new line does not change my feelings towards the concept. Although I do like the formula, I feel as if the product lacks that glossy finish which would make it truly great (pictured above). Having to apply top coat masks the scent, which is gone after 24 hours. The colour lasted chip-free for 5 days and was easy to apply. I would consider purchasing other shades regardless of the scent, provided that they are on sale.

Product Rating:
Ease of Use: 6/10
Nothing was surprising with this nail polish, compared to "strawberry cream" I purchased in 2012 from their typical scented range. The brush is very similar to Revlon's regular brush, just a bit smaller. Overall it is easy to apply and easy to grasp the sphere cap. 
Lasting Power/Appearance: 6/10
Quick dry time due to the two thin coats required to reach full opacity. This is pretty standard of regular Revlon nail polishes. I used Butter London base coat and top coat. I do not believe that this formula will last, chip free, for more than 2 or 3 days with no base/top coat.
Packaging: 7/10
Very innovative and cute packaging. I would make the white sticker a bit more glamorous, but overall, I enjoy the bottle. The one downside, is the fact that it was so difficult to open for the first time. Also, the new bottle contains less product than most other nail polish formulas- 0.4 fl. Oz. in the Parfumerie compared to 0.5 fl. Oz. in a typical Revlon circular bottle.
Price/Value: 6/10
For under $10, this is an average value for a drugstore nail polish. I would wait for it to go on sale since these are not much "better" than typical nail polish. If you love a specific scent and would frequently.. sniff your nails.. go wild! I do recommend these nail polishes, like I would with any other Revlon polish, and give them an overall C rating.

Watch my video review linked here:

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