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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Review: Revlon Designed By Marchesa Jewel Appliqués in Jeweled Noir

Marketed as "fashion for your fingertips", Revlon's new nail strips are both a hit and miss for me. Featured in a previous post linked here, I have a hard time applying and filing down the edges of these particular styles of nail polish strips. As you can see in the image below, the edges begin to wrinkle and peel up a bit as time progresses. These specific Marchesa designed nail appliqués, released October 2013, are gorgeous and precisely detailed.
Image featured on my Instagram, taken on day 5 after application

I look forward to using my other two styles of these fancy and fashionable nail appliqués in the near future. Now read on for my breakdown review.
Product Rating:
Ease of Use: 5/10
I can't get over the thickness of these stickers. The trimming aspect is tolerable, but I can't stand how they peel up and snag at the corners. If I was the appliqué creator, I would make the strips more of a thin plastic layer with a much stickier adhesive backing.
Lasting Power/Appearance: 6/10
These specific designs by Marchesa are simply stunning. They lasted for one week on my nails and the vibrancy did not change throughout. Again, the snaggy corners are my only complaint.
Packaging: 7/10
The boxes are always pretty for these nail strips, but the amount of cardboard is a bit unnecessary. I appreciate them giving extra nail strips to accommodate all nail sizes.
Price/Value: 5/10
$13 or so is a bit steep for one application of nail stickers. Although you can use them for one full manicure and about half of another one, I don't see this being amazing value since they do not last for a significant amount of time. It is an added bonus that you receive a reusable file and pusher with every pack. I would repurchase these nail appliqué strips if they were on sale.
Overall, I would give this product a C rating.

Watch my video review linked here:

Although these do not apply in a "salon-like" fashion, I do really enjoy Revlon's quick nail fixes like these for any time that I need fashionable fingertips in a pinch.

Happy stripping! For your nails, that is.

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